Prada Nylon Passamentry ToteWhile I am vacationing in Europe, my family is out of power in South Florida after Hurricane Katrina hit. I am sure they are fine, but I feel kind of bad- although none of that is in my power. So I woke up a little worried/annoyed with the news of the Hurricane (although it was a low category storm it has already killed 4 people and put 1 million out of power), and decided to write about a bag that fits my annoyed mood. This is an early apology if I bash this bag too much; after all I have a few other things on my mind.

So I ran into this Prada Nylon Passamentry Tote. Saks, where it is being sold, does not offer much information on the bag, but I’d like to take a stab on some of what they left out. The tote has a zip top and measures12¼”H X 12¼”L X 2¾”W. Simple enough. But now comes the interesting part to me. The focal point of the tote is the grommets which surround the passamentry details. Anyone want to enlighten me on what passamentry details are? I’m not really sure. The passamentry details look to me like they form the shape of a cross. Humm. Better yet, the grommets are placed on nylon. I know Prada makes quite a few nylon bags (I own some), but with a name like that it is time to not call your nylon bag a runway look. Because this bag is “straight off the runway” the price tag also adds a “runway” fare. This nylon bag costs $1265 via Saks. Now, I did not really call the bag ugly- just not my style. For sure not my style with the price and knowing that the bulk of the bag is made of nylon. Even I am not that dumb to be suckered into buying a nylon bag for $1300. What do you all think? Am I way off on the price/overall look of the bag? (If I am we are so blaming it on my bad mood!! :-) )

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  • Lisa

    Megs, you are right on about the ugliness of this bag. Maybe they are testing people to see how much they will pay for ugly? Personally I think the passamentry details looks like an arrow. You see it pointing up the the sucker who bought it! For $1300, I would rather get a small burgundy Balenciaga ($999 at Barneys) and fill it with my fave Fresh and Shu Umera products.

  • Roy

    Honey, I’ll say it. That is barfugly! End of story. I’m sorry to hear that about your family! I hope they’re ok!


    • clause_y

      Honey, I’ll say it. That is barfugly! End of story. I’m sorry to hear that about your family! I hope they’re ok!


  • Zippy


  • billyjoe

    Poor Megs! I hope they’re ok! I have to agree with you Megs this bag is fugly.

  • lmpsola

    Megs, I agree with you, the bag is really ugly. No way on earth I would buy that! Hope your family is doing ok.

  • Kaitlyn

    This bag is UGLY!!!!

  • pinkmink

    i’m not saying the bag is ugly but i don’t like it at all. and $1300 for a nylon bag?? !! that’s just ridiculous.

  • Tara


  • lori d

    All I can say is whatever with Prada these days. the plain nylon bags are much nicer than this. looks like it was made in a camp craft class

  • LBlair

    I actually LOVE the bag. If anyone knows where I can get a REAL one for under $500, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know!

  • Naggy

    As long as Prada nylon is as durable as they say it is, I’ll give this bag a little credit. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like this bag. (ipad)