We’ve had some harsh words to say over the past month or so about Prada‘s fall handbag collection. Some of them are covered in fur, some of them are unfortunate combinations of velvet and nylon, and a lot of them look a little “grandma.”

As a result, I’m not sure if I’m being more charitable to the Prada Craquele Tote than I would be otherwise. It’s easy to argue that it’s a pretty decent bag when compared to the line’s other fall offerings, though.

Prada Craquele Tote

To me, Prada bags always seem to be at one end of the spectrum – either they bore me to tears are they’re so far off in WTFland that I can’t conceive of how I would incorporate them in to my everyday life. This bag is somewhere in the middle, though, and I think that’s why I kind of like it. It’s not completely plain, but it’s also not completely over-the-top.

The gold studs on the contrast leather that runs along the seams and handles are a well-edited response to the studded trend, and the textured leather is interesting without looking too processed. It’s not knocking my socks off, but it’s easily my favorite bag of theirs that I’ve seen in a few months. Buy through Saks for $2595.

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  • Merve

    mmm well im not cringing in horror but im not jumping for joy either especially for that absurd price tag.

  • cate

    no i disagree, this bag is gorgeous, not maybe in this color but the black or brown versions are TDF!!!!

  • I really liked this bag when I saw Miranda Kerr carrying it: http://www.bagthatstyle.com/2009/miranda-kerrs-marc-jacobs-bag-is-big-enough-for-her-to-live-in-it/

    We first thought it was MJ but it is this Prada bag!

  • hect

    i truly think the bag has a great look but must agree the price is just a little over the top but prada will be prada

  • Merve

    Must say after Megs post with Miranda Kerr i seem to like the bag more. Weird.

  • babes140

    I don’t love it and have been disenchanted with Prada’s handbag line for some time. I so used to be a fan :-(

  • Rebbeca

    Not bad honestly. Studs are everywhere.. like their version too..
    but again not my favorite bag!

  • soooooon

    well……..i do not think it is really good but not bad..

  • jill

    is there a smaller versions of this bag from a past season? i just saw this bag at my local tjmaxx! smaller in a black color but on closer inspection almost a deep purple. i think they were selling it for $1200???

  • hi


  • Irene

    I have the smaller version and it’s sooo beautiful. The leather holds up well. I just love it