Chloe PaddingtonIn all honesty, the Chloe Paddington is probably why I’m here today. It was the first designer handbag to totally capture my attention when I started to become interested in bags circa 2005, and although I never had the funds to buy one back then, I searched eBay daily, hoping for a good deal on my elusive cream-colored Paddy. And I wasn’t the only one that caught the Paddington fever – fashion magazines dubbed it the fastest-selling bag in history and our Purse Forum, then in its infancy, talked non-stop of ways to acquire one.

And now, approximately four years later, I saw a Paddington on Nordstrom‘s website today and it got me thinking – how does the purse world feel about this historic handbag a few years down the road from its peak popularity?

When I look at it, I feel mostly nostalgia – it reminds me of the period in fashion where an It-Bag was the most important thing in the world and waitlists were a mile long for almost anything worth buying. Bags are certainly more available now in general and the Paddington, once impossible to find, is now fairly common. Does the bag stand the test of time? I think so, although looking back, I like some of the other variations better than the original (the ginormous Paddington Tote comes to mind). The big lock is still really cool, the colors and the leather that they use are still great, and the bag is still fairly functional, if notoriously weighty. And even if you’re not a fan, or just not a fan anymore, you’ve still got to admit that it holds a fairly unique place in modern handbag history. The biggest difference between the Paddington of yore and that of today, though? The price.Buy through Nordstrom for $1875.

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  • sheree

    i still love the paddington, i still search for them from time to time and still own a few.
    i love the design and the leather when they first came out in 2005 since then the leather has changed a great deal. but i still get drawn to this bag!

  • mette

    I never could and can understand the craze over this paddington bag. Maybe my first interest ( after Mulberry ), was Prada and Gucci. Now there are so many beautiful bags available, beautiful bags that don´t need a label, bags yet to be found.

  • su-ann

    I have it in Dove (greyish colour) and can probably count the number of times I’ve used it – it was a gift, personally I feel the bag is impractical and ridiculously heavy for something so small.

    But I wont deny the fact that I was very much attracted to the bag but just not as much now.

  • Graciella

    I still feel the love when I see this bag – it was my first designer bag and, although it’s not with me anymore, I’ll always love it. If I can get my hands on a tan or kaki 2005 one I’d buy it immediately. The price isn’t the only thing that has changed though; the leather is also different and of lesser quality than the original ones.

  • myc

    i’ve never like paddington, the heavy lock just turns me off….for $1875 nowaday, i’d rather get myself a balenciaga.

  • papertiger

    Love it, especially the front pocket version. It’s a work horse of a bag.

  • bagbabe

    Chloe’s recent bags just cannot compare to the bags that came out when Phoebe Philo was at the helm.

    My favorite bag, ever, still, was the Edith satchel – I have two. This is the bag that got me into high-quality designer handbags.

    I can’t wait to see what bags Celine will offer under Philo’s direction!

  • wongy74

    I love it. I just bought the brown one recently.

  • Crystal

    Regardless of the place it holds in people’s minds as an It Bag, it’s definitely reached iconic status, the same way the Speedy or City bags have.

  • TygerKitty

    I don’t think I ever understood the hype… the big lock looks awkward to me and although I’ve never seen one in person, I’m not drawn to it at all in photos.

  • enshogirl

    I still love mine! I need to take it out again. It’s been a while.

  • Otter

    That bag weighs a ton. I used my for a few months and then into the dustbag and onto the purse museum shelf it went. Probably will never use it again. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should sell it if people still like it. IDEA!

    • Anita

      How much would u be selling your Chloe Paddington purse for? Are you in Canada?

      • Lucy

        If you planned to sell it would you post to UK? I’m very interested, what colour is it?

  • Loquita

    Personally, I think it’s a lovely bag, particularly in the brighter colors! However, I am a bit afraid of it because I always hear about how heavy the Paddys are…but definitely an iconic, original design.

  • anna

    Yes… fell in love with it and collected it in all colors!!!

    Had the grenat, tan, cream front pocket, canelle, sage , bronze then sold all of them!!!

    Now, i don’t own one and don;t miss it… still a very sturdy bag but don’t fit any of my files so they all had to go.

    I mostly have Balenciaga Work bags for work and they fit a lot!!!

    For everyday use, I have my LV, Prada, Gucci and balenciaga first!!!

  • wgs

    boring….never was a fan of this bag. the heavy lock and thick leather turn me off of this bag.

  • Nee

    Saw one at my local Neimans outlet the other day. It was so frigging heavy! I only picked it up out of nostalgia but I was in no way tempted to purchase it.

  • Sherriann

    I never purchased a Paddington but always loved the style, it is an iconic bag that has a timeless look.

  • Mandy

    I always preferred the Edith satchel to the Paddington. The Paddington always seemed too heavy with that big lock. I never bought an Edith, and I still want one!

  • blisslife

    im still in love…..!!!

  • blisslife

    it is very heavy and I rarely wear it…but i love it!

  • nat

    i’m still very much in love with my paddington.
    got one in sand colour and baby sized :)

  • kemilia

    While I love the look of my Paddy (red), the weight is unreal, especially since it is not a bag you can stuff with “stuff” (water bottle, files).

    And having to stitch the zippers up the ends so closing isn’t a struggle–that should be fixed in the design by now (is it? I thought I had a defective bag until reading about the other tPF ladies stitching theirs up also).

    But … it is a very cool looking bag, one that gets the looks and compliments; I think it is an iconic bag and there are a LOT of bags that have stood the test of time that I really don’t like but I understand their fans. And I have no plans to sell Paddy, heaviness and all.

  • hect

    never did get the craze over it so not an iconic bag but it is what it is and no one can say otherwise

  • bagnshoofetish

    I had a couple of paddys in my day and every time I could not get past that damn heavy lock and those cumbersome zippers. I tried. I really tried. But as much as I loved the look, I just could not hang. Very pretty but so impractical.

  • SandyK

    Like Amanda wrote I have been crazy about the chloe paddingtons since it first came out in 2005 , i havent been able to afford any since it cost a bomb then (dont know how much it costs now) but i think its one of those bags that will always be original and i absolutely love the big gold lock against the soft leather…its siply a gorgeous, classy bag!

  • Paix

    i still want one :)

  • dierregi

    The first time I picked up a Paddington IRL I was surprised by its weight. I thought the lock was “fake” (i.e. something that looked like a real lock, but not actually the “full metal” version). Needless to say, I agree with those who think this bag is insanely heavy and whatever interest I had in it disappeared during our first meeting, like a bad date you certainly do not want to see again :-)

  • WillaMargaret

    I love the shape and style of the Chloe Paddington. I have not yet personally carried a Paddy but the shape is great and reminds one a bit of the LV Speedy – an all time fav of mine.
    The light blue Chole Paddington on the Nordys site is Beautiful!!!! Fabulous Color. From the previous comments, looks as though I may have to check out the weight issue……..need another heavy bag like a hole in the head. :)

  • lisa

    The original paddington was one of my first major designer bags and i remember being obsessed with acquiring one. i went on a million waitlists and was lucky enough to get one from nordstrom from one of the first shipments. I still think its a gorgeous bag but I haven’t used it in years. But I refuse to get rid of it because the leather if so amazing and it just makes me happy remembering how lucky i was to score one back in the day.


    ditto mette! bags have come so far. there are just too many label-less options available to justify still obsessing over the chloe paddington.

  • purly

    Not so much.

  • Christina H

    I always wanted one, and just recently finally acquired a 2005 Paddy in Kaki. It has the most scrumptious leather I’ve ever seen or felt, and I absolutely adore this bag. Yes, it’s heavy, but I don’t mind because I feel so lucky to carry it.

  • zeitgeist4

    I think that was the first designer bag I became obsessed with too! I still have the whiskey colored Paddy I bought a few years ago. I used it for one week straight earlier this month, which says a lot about its versatility.

  • practical diva

    I was in love back then and I am still in love now! I couldnt afford it back then and finally bought a tan paddy last year at a fraction of the cost at a consignement store. It’s a beautiful classic bag it is a little heavy but the lock totally makes the bag and I just know not to overstuff it to avoid the weight.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one still carrying it! It says a lot about the character of the bag that people are still discussing it four years after the craze!!!

  • Cathy

    I still really like the Paddington. It still has that cool vibe to it, even after all these years. I enjoy pulling this bag out to wear every so often, especially since it is not as ubiquitous as before. It’s heavy, but really not so bad. My husband always compliments how I look when I wear this bag.

  • Margherita

    I have a variation of it and I still love it. The lock it’s not practical but it magical. Still a “It Bag” after all these years!

  • Linda

    I do not own this bag, but have seen it, held it and contemplated it. It is lovely to look at…but it is too heavy and cumbersome. But if you just want to stare at it…go for it!

  • josie

    Paddington has always been a bit heavy for me for such a small bag. Love the idea of the new acrylic locks, however, nothing is as great as the “heloise” . The leather is thick with soooo much character.

  • ReRe

    It was one of my first high end designer bags, along with Marc Jacobs Venezia. I still love the baq and carry my Blue Jeans Moyen (the first one) with jeans. I also have whiskey, craie, vanilla, and sable. Although I’ve moved on to other designers, these ridiculously heavy bags have the thickest, smooshiest leather I’ve ever seen and a special place in my heart.

  • nielnielniel

    I actually heard about Paddington but never really knew how it looked it (duh!) but fell in love with it without knowing what it is when I saw it in a store in Jakarta. It was a closing down sale and I forced my sister to buy it. It’s lovely, nothing else come close to the design even though it’s heavy as hell!


    Its gorgeous and always has been, I love it :)

  • Adrina

    It’s one of my favorite.Good shape!

  • Heather

    I have never ventured to ask for help before, but I would like help now please?
    I don’t know the procedure re questions & what is allowed?

    I have seen a bag on Ebay & wonder about it being a GENUINE CHLOE BAG?

    Of course I am well aware that all most all are copies – which is very sad-however if I can ask for assistance it would be greatly appreciated?

    What information do I need to post & what is allowed to be posted please?

    I will check back later-many thanks in advance.


  • Mienal

    I love love love the Chloe Paddington handbag!! My first handbag when I started to gain interest in bags!! Now that my chloe is gone… n have used many other handbags.. still want tht Chloe!!!

  • Etincelle

    I’ve never been a fan of the Paddington, I simply can’t understand how a bag with a so common shape and soooo heavy can be that popular.

  • chloe

    too dark

  • divnanata

    I will always love mine (I have several) and I will never part with them. Ever. I don’t care about the weight since all my purses are heavy. A light bag would seem suspicious to me!

  • geri

    i have one! in a white tone…i love it. I guess its how you use it. I think it will still be used in anytime. at first i wasnt digging the lock, but then it grew on me and i think its chic and fantastic!

  • Hayley

    I used to love this bag so much, I had to buy it..but now I just like it. I was one of those crazy women that went gaga and drooled over this bag five yrs ago. I don’t use it as much anymore, but I still do from time to time. It is just too heavy for me it gives me backaches. I prefer using my LV speedy for everyday use as it is not heavy at all and tons of space inside. Right now the IT bag for me is Linea Pelle Dylan med tote w/ crossbody strap, it looks very nice and very practical, I like the idea of crossbody bags u can go hands free when shopping. Still contemplating if I should get it or not though.

  • shibumiflowers

    I love this bag. I just got one in dark brown. The leather is so soft, smooshy, thick, perfect. The heaviness is why I only carry a few items (essentials), not one that I would carry to work. But everywhere I go with this bag, I always get asked about it – they want to know where to get one. Still love it.

  • Dolly Ramone

    This is also probably the bag that got me into designer handbags. I was 15 in 2005, and remember falling in love with this. Of course I immediately scrambled to find a knock-off of the design, and carried that around throughout high school, while everybody else I knew preferred ugly, cheap looking hand bags. It was nice to see this post. :)

  • josie

    I personally have two of the paddingtons in my opinion it is such a classy bag. Yes it is a bit heavy but what would one expect from such luxurious leather.

  • Saara

    I have that bag and I just love it!

  • hu j

    wonderful bag

  • Adrienne Zedella

    no. and pitch the lock (fb)

  • carol

    i too was one of those mad women who just had to have the paddington but for me it was the baby paddington, and i would purposely drag my husband through selfridges just to drool and hope he’d get the hint. Eventually i managed to convince him that this was the only bag i’d ever need, but sadly two days after purchasing it, i just didnt feel safe carrying such an expensive bag and returned it and moved on to louis vuitton, while secretly regretting my actions and still pining for my baby paddington. By chance i saw one on ebay in the colour i had “Whisky” a few months ago was a bit sceptical as the seller only wanted 250.00 but i took a chance and purchased it and had it authenticated at selfridges so i was glad i didnt have to pay as much the second time round. Now i’ve had the bag 2 months and worn it once, not because i dont feel safe but its so small i can just about get my purse in it, its just not practical at all.

  • anna

    its really unique one,though cant carry enough things in it but its really catchy especially to impress others:b

  • BeautifulBasics

    Love the Chloe Paddington! The newer styles are gorgeous.

  • siodh

    Just love the Paddington. Have a few of them and think they get better with age.

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