Tory Burch has built a fashion empire in what seems like a very short time, and while it may have started with ballet flats and tunic tops, what Tory Burch offers has expanded far beyond that and grown up quite a bit. Earlier this year we covered the Robinson collection, which many of you already know and carry, and now I have a look at the latest Tory Burch collection for you.

The Tory Burch Gemini Link Collection is something to get excited about, for me at least. I love a bag with a behind-the-scenes story that is a bit more personal, and the Gemini Link is just that for Tory, whose zodiac sign is Gemini. The idea behind this collection is showing the duality of women. Tory Burch herself is not just a successful businesswoman, but she is also a mother who loves to get the most out of her leisure time with her family. The idea behind the the Gemini Link stems from the two sides to every woman, and since Tory Burch has twins, the two links are also inspired by her kids.

While there are also shoes, jewelry, clothing and other accessories as part of the whole Tory Burch Gemini Collection, my focus is on the bag as the standout of the group. The Tory Burch Gemini Link Shoulder Bag is what caught my attention, and the team at TB sent over a few samples for us to test out and photograph. The minute I opened the box, I was even more in love than I had expected.


The first thing that stood out was the bags’ luxurious feel. The pebbled leather has a soft finish that gives it a very high-end aura, and even Vlad remarked that he thought the bag was, in his words, magnificent. The slouchy, laid-back silhouette shoulder bag style stands out with the symmetrical double-link hardware, and I really appreciate that the bag isn’t too large or deep. It sits nicely against your body and has a long, adjustable shoulder strap, which (as many of you know) I adore. The interior has two zipper pockets, and this bag overall gives both an upscale and equestrian vibe.

I didn’t love the patent leather version (granted, I don’t like patent leather on most baga), but the pebbled leather was absolutely divine. Even better yet: this spacious bag would add nicely to your fall collection without breaking the bank. Try it out for yourself; it will feel far more expensive than what the price tag suggests. Buy via Tory Burch for $595.


Shop the entire Tory Burch Gemini Collection here.

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