Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Intrecc Vitello Shoulder BagNormally, the entire PurseBlog team is a big fan of Salvatore Ferragamo handbags. They’re classic, sleek, and always stylish. The brand seems to avoid subscribing too earnestly to trends and instead sticks to more widely appreciated shapes and ideas.

This isn’t always the case, though. The Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Intrecc Vitello Shoulder Bag is just…not right. The metallic purple is just not good; making a color that’s not normally metallic into a metallic is almost always a one-way trip to Tacky City, and unless it’s done out of irony or retro reference, it simply doesn’t work (and even then, things are dicey). This purple-grey would have been gorgeous in a matte leather, or maybe even in patent, but as a metallic, the material looks thin and cheap. The odd gathering at the middle, topped by an intricately braided representation of the Ferragamo logo that looks a bit like a Gucci horsebit, doesn’t do anything to help the bag’s case. I think I know where they were trying to go with this, but they certainly didn’t get there. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1290.

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  • Gina R

    I like the color, but agree about the metallic vs. matte. If this was a $50 bag, I would think it was cute for a once in awhile going out type of bag. But for what it costs, Im not a huge fan. I do like the shape though!


  • Mandy

    I agree…one way down Tacky Alley…no turnaround, no way out. Ugh.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I really don’t like anything about this bag. The shape and the handles are slightly awkward! The detail in the middle isn’t even pretty. I definitely agree about the color too…just not right!! And for 1300 dollars, no way!


  • Sarah

    Usually I am a huge fan of everything Ferragamo, this bag just seems cheap. Fortunately the rest of their fall bags are TDF!

  • Merve

    Well i usually like 99% of everything ferragamo does so i’ll let them get away with having one ick bag.

  • dani_twotwo

    Eh, I don’t love it…cheap looking and hard to wear with anything. Def not something I would get that costs over a grand =S

  • janis

    Really don’t like the shape. I did see this color on a different Ferragamo bag at the SF boutique and loved it, tho!

  • fashionistaO

    Fan of Ferragamo, but this looks over designed – no ode to the brand.

  • fruitygloss

    I saw this bag at their store on sale (I think $800+), it actually looks (and feels!) nice. It’s definitely not for everyone, it’s a deep metallic violet that isn’t too shiny. The leather’s amazing of course.

  • Ellen

    I agree that this does not work on any level. It does not even look like a Ferragamo. (ipad)