You guys, it is the most beautiful day in the history of forever right now. A week ago it was snowing in Georgia, and now it’s 70 degrees and perfect, without a cloud in the sky. Come lunch time, I am going to be violating many a fashion rule by wearing white and flip flops long before Easter while I sit on a blanket at the University of Georgia’s leafy campus and eat a packed lunch. I will have a picnic with myself and my laptop, so it will be like all of you are joining me, right?

Ok, so, the weirdness of working at home aside, this is the weather that makes me want to put on my best spring purchases thus far and find some grass. I generally hate the outdoors, but for a few precious weeks before Georgia’s heat gets oppressive and insufferable, I can’t help but enjoy the gleaming promise of a new season. The only thing that could make it better would be having the Jimmy Choo Cecile Woven Bag by my side.

Bringing this bag to a picnic is probably not the wisest decision unless you’re very careful to keep it on the blanket and far from the food, but I’ve never been that good of a decision-maker (or particularly careful), so I’d probably do it in an instant. And with the basket-mimicking white woven leather and preponderance of shiny gold hardware, this bag is screaming for its turn in the sun – direct lighting is where this bag is going to look its best.

Don’t get me wrong, this bag would also be a champ under artificial light, but when a bag makes such a clear bid to be paired with the bright colors of spring and summer, I can’t help but hope that it gets at least a few moments outside with a fastidious owner that will make sure that the bag remains unsullied by the unpleasant realities of outdoor living. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my picnic blanket. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1495.

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