It wasn’t too long ago that Ugg had a very unsuccessful handbag line. Their bags were kind of fluffy and boring – it looked like they had tried to take one of their classic boots and make a bag out of the exact same material, instead of using their brand’s visibility to make a refined, slightly rugged set of handbags that would appeal to the same people that spend $120 apiece on multiple pairs of trendy boots.

UGG Covina Lambskin Messenger Bag

It appears that UGG took some time away from the handbag word, retooled, and is now prepared to make bags that grownups can enjoy. Of their most recent offerings, my favorite is the UGG Covina Lambskin Messenger Bag, and you guys can probably guess why. If you can’t, I have two words for you: “grey” and “lambskin.” Not only is grey the perfect neutral for winter, but lambskin is the perfect leather for a handbag – soft, supple, and oh-so-touchable. It’s not hugely stylish, but they’re easily on the way to bigger and better things. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $328.

Pretty In Pink

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