I’m a big fan of gunmetal hardware in almost all instances. In fact, the color in general is one of my absolute favorites in many respects and I love how it goes with such a wide variety of other colors and patterns. I don’t love it on the Treesje Dylan Tote, however, which is a shame since it’s such a beautiful bag overall.

Treesje Dylan Tote

Because of the dark and varying shade of the wine-colored leather, it seems to me that a distressed silver or brushed nickel would have given the bag a bit more contrast and brought out the fine details even more. The bag’s studs almost get lost because of the small tonal difference between the leather and the hardware, and I’d love to see them come out a bit more. Don’t let my criticism mask the fact that I think the bag is beautiful overall, though. It looks like it would be a great shoulder bag that you could use every day, I would just change that one detail. Buy through Luna Boston for $595.

Sweet Summertime

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