Tory Burch Photoshop Fail

The fall line of Tory Burch handbags, shoes, clothing, and accessories has hit Saks this week. Problem is not with the goods, as I am seriously crushing on most everything, but the image Saks came up with.

With a massive corporation like Saks, you would expect their graphics department to make sure each image is pristine. Yet we ran into a major Photoshop Fail today on the Saks website. When you click on the image to view the larger version, you can see the Tory Burch Stitched T Flat Tote, which looks entirely cropped into the image and like it does not belong. Why did Saks have to go and ruin a great shot and a great Tory Burch piece?

Wouldn’t you call this a Photoshop Design Fail?

Shop the new season of Tory Burch at Saks.

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  • Kristen

    Wow…its like they didn’t even try!

  • Lori

    Perhaps they didn’t have the actual product when they did the photo shoot?

  • Cherish

    Somebody was rushing!!! LOL…. not good at all!

  • Beth S.

    I see a new subforum titled “FAIL” where all the BAD pics can go to be ridiculed mercilessly. It will be great fun!

  • Sue

    The picture originally appeared on page 33 of Saks’ gorgeous print catalog with a different bag, which must have sold out or been unavailable… the photoshop job is not very good, but given how impeccable Saks usually is about EVERYTHING, would you not have thought there must be a little story behind it? And done some research? Or cut them some slack? Hating on Saks seems uncharacteristically unkind of you…

  • Kelly

    It looks like a very bad 80’s catlogue picture.

  • Maricae

    agree with Kelly!! REMINISCENT OF A BAD 70’S-80’S AD!!

    all it needs is a man in a sleazy trench coat smoking a cigarette with huge words on top “FOR HER PLEASURE” LOL!!

  • Sue –

    I absolutely love Saks. I would expect more from Saks then to release a picture of that low quality. It is entirely unlike them. I would imagine for some reason they could not use the original picture, but I do think they have standards to live up to. It is more of a slip up in my mind, but not a good one.

    I really was not trying to be overly unkind, just pointing out that they had a big slip shown above. I do wonder why they had to do this…

  • roni

    granted saks didn’t give these “the highest quality” photos they are not WORTH they money that is quoted.. let’s be for real with ourselves.. please!