Rebecca Minkoff 3-Zip Morning After Clutch

Rebecca Minkoff 3-Zip Morning After ClutchI complained a lot about the long strap/small bag trend when it came out. I remember it clear as day – I didn’t like crossbodies, I needed a bigger space for my stuff, I didn’t want a bag that was going to cut through the middle of my chest and make my boobs look weird. Well, I’m eating crow now, and have been for the last month or two. I’ve started to love those little trendy bags, and the Rebecca Minkoff 3-Zip Morning After Clutch is my latest obsession.

I’m normally also not a fan of glazed leather, but on a bag of this size and structure, it totally works. This isn’t the time or place for extreme slouch, and the same thing that makes the leather shiny gives it a bit of stiffness that works to shore up the bag’s structure. The triple zippers give the bag an edgy, hipster-y feel that plays right in to this winter’s heavy hardware trend, but that’s not even my favorite part of the bag. I can’t stop looking at the color – the deep, moody purple reminds me of Balenciaga’s 2008 sapphire color, and the slightly lighter webbing around the zippers provides just enough contrast. My only complaint is that the hardware is gold and not silver – if I could get a hardware change, this bag would be well nigh perfect in my eyes. Buy through Luna Boston for $295.


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