Oh dear. Can someone help me? I think I need to take my temperature and possibly see a doctor. I like the Motif 56 Rock Bag, and some sort of grave illness is really the only explanation.

It looks like it was made from the hide of a second-rate leather muppet, or possibly some kind of dust mop. I’m not at all convinced that it’s attractive in any way that I can even explain, but for some reason, I’m oddly draw to it. Perhaps it has hypnotized me, or maybe it’s merely so weird-looking that it loops back around to quasi-attractive. The bag is almost charming in it’s lack of polish.

There are very few people out there that could pull this bag off (or that would want to try), but for that small subset of people, it could be totally cool and irreverent. Its design rejects a lot of what we know and expect about what an attractive bag should look like, and in the process, the hundreds of leather fringe-y pieces create a lot of texture and movement. I can’t help but find myself oddly intrigued. Buy through ShopBop for $188.

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  • wakh

    I must be ill, too, as I like it, but not in that color ; a rich chocolate brown would be my preference. Black would be too biker-looking (unless you’re going for that look) Gray does look like the wet mop after I’m done with my floors.

  • loveoflines

    It’s a little too Chubaca for me….

  • spanish moss

    while i don’t hate it, i’d like it even more with a smooth, non-fringey strap/g