You know what we don’t spend a whole lot of time discussing? Man bags. Which is weird, because more and more handbag companies are making them and more and more stylish men are carrying them. Which is a natural progression – as men’s fashion becomes more and more accessible and normalized among the male population, the more demand increases and designers scramble to enter the market.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Robbie G Messenger Bag

One designer that’s been paying attention to the stylish male market for quite a while is Marc by Marc Jacobs. He pays nearly as much attention to his male customers as he does his female ones, and he releases gorgeous man bag like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Robbie G Messenger Bag all the time. I particularly like this one for the judicious way that the MBMJ designers combined a bit of chocolate trim with the black leather to give it an unexpected, vintage feel. It’s hard to combine those colors stylishly, and they did quite a good job. Buy through Saks for $458.

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