When we introduced Lockheart bags to our PurseBlog readers earlier this summer, the response was enormous – the brand has a lot more fans than even we had anticipated! And now that they’ve gained a bit of an exposure through some major online retailers, we’ve gotten to see more and more of their quirky, intricate designs. I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it, and I’m very happy about the Lockheart Holly Shoulder Bag in particular.

Lockheart Holly Shoulder Bag

The puffy, pillow-like texture created by the soft pleats and smooshy leather remind me a bit of the Louis Vuitton Cloud bags from a few seasons ago, except slightly less conceptual and a lot less expensive. The leather looks slouchy, soft and wonderful and the tonal studs at the intersections of the quilt seams is just enough to give it a slightly trendy look for fall. My favorite detail, though, is probably the thick knotting that forms the handle attachments. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, grey is one of the colors that you need to be adding to your wardrobe right now. All things considered, you can’t go wrong here.

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  • Nicole

    I LOVE this bag! Lockheart has so many designs and I love them all.

  • Loquita

    Gorgeous, gorgeous bag!! It’s not for me per se, but I can still really appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that went into it.

  • Rachel

    Oh I want this purse! It goes with a new eyeshadow duo that I bougth on the weekend

  • Kathy

    How much are these going to be retailing for. I HAVE to have one. When will they be available?

  • Leslie

    WOW—stunning, can’t wait to see more of this line. Their pieces seem neutral, having just enough trend to keep on top of seasonal looks, but with a longer shelf life! love, love, love!

  • Aliza

    I’m such a big fan of Lockheart! And this bag is just another example of the amazing artistry that goes into each line. The color is SO in. There isn’t ONE Lockheart that I haven’t loved! My little collection is GROWING and I can’t wait to have this one too!!! I mean, seriously! Look at the craft work! Awesome.

  • Ottercat

    And the fakes from the Lockheart publicity, viral media begin again. PLEASE. STOP.


  • Joan G

    That is so fall and forever. I’m starting to get my fall look together and this is where (wear!) I’m starting. I get so many compliments on my Lockhearts and the quality is unsurpassed! It’s kind of a best kept secret because, they are not on EVERY corner. So… I’m getting mine and I can’t wait for Fall. But I know I can pull this off even a bit early! LockHEART! Love ’em!

  • Nickie

    What a beautiful bag! I can’t wait to add this one to my collection of Lockheart bags.

  • Linda

    Okay Ottercat…I can not speak for the others posting, but I do not work for the publicity department of Lockheart. With that being said, I love this handbag. I also own several Lockheart bags and I love them because they are unique, the quality is fantastic and you do not see your bag coming and going on everyone else. The interiors of their bags are cool as they have more pockets and slots to slip things in to keep things organized. I love this bag and the color. Great choice to feature.

  • Otterpop

    Im always browsing through purseblog and comment on great bags especially Lockheart bags. I truely love them and the quality of the leather really lasts through my wear and tear of my lifestyle. Woman know bags as we all have opinions of them and how great or crappy they are. Sorry Ottercat that you obtain and work off of negative energy. I mean come on, we’re talking about purses not politics. Take a load off and smile and enjoy something pretty.

  • Mary

    LOVE this bag. So much detail, and such a cute shape! I want it!

  • christine

    For some reason this bag reminds me of the Zaha Hadid Water Cube from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Maybe because i work with art books. Anyhow, cute bag!

  • Kathryn

    Great new bag! I normally dont go for bags with studs but the leather looks so soft and it looks like it would fit very comfortably under the arm since its so slouchy.

  • Kristina

    I love studded bags, and this one has really caught my eye, I like girly
    with a little edge. I don’t know much about this brand, but I do own one
    Lockheart and I have loved it.
    Have to see this one!

  • nancy forman

    I own a Lockheart, a Giselle. And so far, I have received so many
    compliments, and I really love my bag. This one looks pretty gorgeous.
    Might have to save up some money for this one

  • natalie bonelli

    wow. this one is stunning stunning STUNNING! delicate yet bold , the feminine floral pattern is offset by the more feminine studding. I feel like its the perfect melding of le femme rock chic!!!
    where can i find this one. its the perfect fall Lockheart. ITS TIME

  • Esther

    I love this bag!! It looks great in grey. I would love to have one. Great job Lockheart!!

  • Ottercat

    Otter and Ottercat are the only true otters posting on this site. Be advised.

    Otterpop is just making fun of our names.

  • Laura

    Wow, this bag looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it in person so I can get a better look at all those details. Great bag!

  • Cathy

    Wow! Love the bags from LOCKHEART. Haven’t seen one quite like this…great bag.

  • Dina

    So, just write something like:

    I am the proud owner of a Giselle and a Jada from Spring ’09, and I love
    both of my bags. This new one makes me want to look at it some more -up
    close and personal. It’s hard to find Lockhearts ou there, so I’ll have to
    start searching in my neighborhood. Beautiful bag.

  • bl@ckjack

    Love this bag!

  • Ottercat

    Hi Dina. “So, just write something like:”

    Huh? Cut and paste. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!

    Vlad, here is the proof.

  • Janet

    This Holly Shoulder Bag is so gorgeous! I think it’s perfect for a special date night or girls night out or shopping around town or being “Cool Mom” with kids in tow or just…anywhere! :) Love it!

  • Dina

    GOTCHA Ottercat! Knew you’d respond to this. Being the PurseBlog Police is a really big job.
    Sure, have Vlad contact me and I will send him my pics of my handbags. I am not affiliated with Lockheart.
    I’m flattered that you think I work for Lockheart, since I love their product – maybe they’re hiring.

  • Christina

    Quite a beautiful bag. Lots of detail to it. Can’t wait to get one.

  • Wendy

    What is not to LOVE about this Lockheart beauty! Another fabulous bag………….what more can a girl dream of

  • Diana

    I love Lockheart! I love that the bags get attention for being great bags and not because they have the designers’ logo ALL over the bag. Now if Louis would pay me for advertising for them, that would be a different story ;)

  • Jacki

    Love that new bag and it is a must for FALL…The workmanship on this HOLLY bag is so incredible like it is on every LOCKHEART bag—It is just gorgeous….:)

  • Chaz

    I am just starting y search form y new “fall bah” and as of now this one is the top contender. I love the styling; sophisticated yet simple. Does anyone know how much it is retailing for?

  • Sunny

    i love, love, love this purse! perfect for the fall! or any season! lockheart put so much details in their purses and i know their bags are worth the price i pay. They have so many beautiful purses, it is so hard to pick which one i want to buy!

  • Ottercat

    Throwing you the double bones and I am done.

  • Joan G

    hmmm, … Lockhearts are just too beautiful… how do they do it???

    New Colors toooooo… denim and …. Teal. Orange, burnt Orange,yum! Love the SKY it IS so amazing. I love the Sky Handbag!

  • Brenda

    Where can I find this bag? It’s on my must have list.

  • Linda

    I just bought this bag and it is beyond amazing in person. The leather is so soft and the detail…I LOVE IT!!!