Oh my God. You guys. Not only does the Kate Spade Sherwood Owl Handbag have eyes, a metallic beak, and suede feathers, but it has feet.

I am almost too awed by the cojones that it took to actually design, manufacture and distribute this bag to say anything negative about it. And I don’t mean that in any sort of sarcastic way – it almost makes it all the way down the awesome-awful continuum and flips back around to awesome.

Kate Spade Sherwood Owl Handbag

I need you to suspend disbelief and forget about the ridiculousness of this bag for a moment and look at the detail work that went into it, because it’s pretty impressive and deserves a look. There are four colors of suede, patent leather, gold metallic leather and plenty of hardware going in to making this bag what it is, and it’s all exceptionally well-planned and intricately incorporated into the larger design. The level of thought and workmanship is surprising by itself, no matter what it’s intended to make.

But then again, the thing that it’s intended to make is an owl. And if you like owls, if you collect owls the way that some people collect cow or frog stuff, then this is probably your biggest bag dream come to life. Even if you don’t, but you have a quirky way about you, then this might be great. I don’t think it’s terribly relevant to the average person, but I find myself unable to not respect it for what it is – a really well-done owl bag. Buy through Saks for $425.

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  • poodle

    hahahahahahahaha! this might be the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on purseblog (aside from the vagina bag). i love the feet…best touch ever….seriously though, if I ever see a female that is over the age of 13 carrying this bag, I just might help her out by spilling my drink all over it and apologizing profusely while secretly thinking ‘you’ll thank me later’…since when did the owl become the thing to design? designers really have been scraping the bottom of the barrel recently…..

  • RY

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I so agree with you
    Chewbacca bags, dog bags, now owl bag
    what is next-insects or marine life?
    I have seen some artful bags from Litar studio that sells on Etsy, but they do not claim to be designer house nor do they sell in Saks
    The bag is very artful, colors and execution are beautiful, but really, do you see any grown woman carrying this anywhere? And I am sure that tweens and teens can not afford this bag, and if they could why would they buy this?

  • ottercat

    Kate Spade has been crawling into the “mess” zone for some time now. I think she has finally arrived. Congrats.

  • Mama M

    Look at those cute little feet!! It’s even a little pigeon-toed. And the nose looks like my college sorority pin. But that’s where my liking this bag stops.
    Sure, the execution is nice, and all that other stuff Amanda said, but, seriously — an OWL??? At least they didn’t put any feathers on it (like the fur on the skunk bag).
    Amanda always finds it amusing that I see eyes / faces on a lot of handbags, but even she can’t deny the eyes on this one! Ha!
    Kate must be a trifle bored with her regular bags (with good reason), but this is definitely NOT the way to go.

  • Redseouls

    “Who, who” (lol) in their right mind would sport this monstrosity?

  • nancy29

    My understanding is that Kate Spade no longer owns or designs for Kate Spade Handbags. The company is now part of Liz Clairborne.

  • Julie

    It looks very grumpy – might even bite!!

  • Linda

    That bag is a hoot!

  • Sara

    i dunno, i kind of like it the way the put it on their site.


    def needs the right girl to pull it off.

  • 19yearslater

    I love it and I’m not afraid to say so. I do collect owls like some people collect cows and frogs. And I’m quirky. Perfect bag for me.

  • Rufina

    There is an ad in October Glamour magazine for Kate Spade and the girl is holding this bag. Style is eclectic-mix of tweed coat and funky color tights, etc. She is holding this very bag. Does not look so bad on her, but it is an ad and therefore surreal life. In real life if I was to take that bag to the streets of NY, I’d be a laughing stock of every major construction site in the city.

  • Jm

    I think there may be higher level issues at play if you are concerned about what NYC construction workers think of your bag. I actually think that someone like thr girl in the ad, creative and quirky yet fashionable could be envied for her confidence and style while toting the bag. It’s all Italian suede and very unique which is what Kate spade is known for.

  • Kaytey

    My sister has a bag with a similar owl printed on it, and I think she would love this bag. She is totally one of those quirky hipster types who looks good in crazy things (also tall and slim – which helps with everything :/). I would not look cool sporting this, but I will admire it on her, because I know she’s going to end up buying it.

  • Megusi

    I think this bag is fantastic. The design is such a subtle transition from normal bag to quirky. If you took away the eyes and the adorable little feet you would likely not even see the owl silhouette — I think it’s clever the way it’s formed.

    And I completely disagree with whomever is saying no grown woman would carry this bag. It seems playful without being tacky. I think it’s adorable.

  • Catalina

    I’m afraid I love this bag – it is quirky and odd and unusual and wonderful. I would love to own it!

  • Paulina

    I can so see Agyness Deyn wearing this.

  • Linda

    I sometimes see things like this and wonder who was smoking pot the day this got designed…sorry just a thought. I can see where some may find this cute if you are into owls…but for that price, save your money and buy a classic.

  • Sarah

    i do have an owl love, its been a thing in home decor and crafts (ie: etsy) for quite some time now. personally, i love it. i love design with a personality and could frankly care less about what a construction worker might think about it. and if any of you are so kind to spill a drink on it if you see me out with it, i won’t be thanking you later, i’ll be kicking you in the beak :-)

  • MJ

    I think this bag is amazing and real fashionistas walk to their own beat, are individuals and have confidence. The girl that buys this bag doesn’t follow trends she sets the trend. Be your own person, all the designers that people drool over look nothing like their collections.

  • Steffi

    I love this bag, I actually bought it yesterday! I guess you could say I am quirky and I love Twin Peaks which is what this bag reminds me of and why it could not be passed up. I am twenty-five and can’t dress too crazy since I am in law school but a quirky fun bag to house my laptop cannot be passed up.

  • L Boogie

    I just saw this bag in glamour this morning and had it at my house by noon. This is seriously the best thing ever and I am a happier person for owning it. I LOVE the description you posted Amanda!

  • Mike X


    I spent the ENTIRE day proudly walking next to, carying, sitting by, and enviously admiring this owl bag.

    I have never in my life seen such a freakish garment make someone so happy.

    Get over yourselves, and live in the 400.00 moment.


  • Michell

    OMG!! I also saw this in the ad in Glamour, immediately pulled out the laptop and went seeking. I am in MAJOR love with it!! It’s just quirky enough to put a smile on my face in this economy, even if the price isn’t; although, I DO understand the amount of work and quality that went into the bag, therefore justifying the pricetag. I don’t love all things Kate Spade, but I do LOVE this. I am sooo tired of “practical” and sooo ready for “fun and quirky”. Until I cough up the $$, I will be salivating…..

  • nicole

    Just an fyi, kate spade was a member of the sorority kappa kappa gamma, which has the owl as one of their symbols. Why she doesn’t use the mose classy fluer de lis in any of her designs (its also a kkg symbol) is beyond me but I’m excited to finally see some kappa reference in her designs!

  • Persian11

    It is adorable!

  • DTD

    Being someone over the age of 13 I would proudly carry this bag and not care a hoot what anyone else thought! I love all things owl and think this bag is fabulous! if you take a look around right now, owls are a very hot design item right now. If I had the means I would buy this bag right now!

  • Granny61

    I bought this bag with the Glamour coupon for 25% off for my October birthday present. Saved a bit of $, and I LOVE it!

  • Chhaya

    I love this bag. I think a real genius has designed this bag. I just received this bag as a gift and i absolutely love the way The Owl is done, of course the feet too.

  • elledee
  • Stacie

    Ah!! I love this!! The bag is nowhere to be found so I made a DIY version, you can see it here on my blog. :)


  • Stacie

    Ah!! I love this!! The bag is nowhere to be found so I made a DIY version, you can see it here on my blog. :)


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  • Nat

    I just adore it!! It’s beautiful!! I would choose other colours, but other than that, its perfect!!!