Oh my God. You guys. Not only does the Kate Spade Sherwood Owl Handbag have eyes, a metallic beak, and suede feathers, but it has feet.

I am almost too awed by the cojones that it took to actually design, manufacture and distribute this bag to say anything negative about it. And I don’t mean that in any sort of sarcastic way – it almost makes it all the way down the awesome-awful continuum and flips back around to awesome.

Kate Spade Sherwood Owl Handbag

I need you to suspend disbelief and forget about the ridiculousness of this bag for a moment and look at the detail work that went into it, because it’s pretty impressive and deserves a look. There are four colors of suede, patent leather, gold metallic leather and plenty of hardware going in to making this bag what it is, and it’s all exceptionally well-planned and intricately incorporated into the larger design. The level of thought and workmanship is surprising by itself, no matter what it’s intended to make.

But then again, the thing that it’s intended to make is an owl. And if you like owls, if you collect owls the way that some people collect cow or frog stuff, then this is probably your biggest bag dream come to life. Even if you don’t, but you have a quirky way about you, then this might be great. I don’t think it’s terribly relevant to the average person, but I find myself unable to not respect it for what it is – a really well-done owl bag. Buy through Saks for $425.

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