In the past, I’ve always enjoyed that Jack Rabbit Collection always makes an attempt to tweak traditional bag structures just a bit. Inventiveness is always to be applauded, even if it doesn’t always turn out particularly well. After all, you never know what will work until you find out what doesn’t. Most of their stuff in the past has worked pretty well, although I’m not sure if the Jack Rabbit Collection Buff Easy Rider Hobo does.

Jack Rabbit Collection Buff Easy Rider Hobo

On the one hand, I like the color and I like the leather, which somehow manages to look both soft and structured. I would have preferred silver hardware, but I can get over it. The main issue Is the handle and bag opening. The severe V-shape is surely supposed to be the bag’s main design feature, but it may be too acute of an angle and too deep of a plunge to work. It seems light it goes so far down that it detracts from the bag’s usable space, and it may be difficult to swing your arm under such a short handle. I give them an A for effort, but a C- for execution. Buy through ShopBop for $598.

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  • Rufina

    Ohhhh, such a nice color and looks like nice leather, so sad it is probably useless as a handbag, but would make a nice decorative piece, sort of like a leather vase.

  • Meagan

    I absolutely love it this bag! I like the structure of the design, and while the zipper does have a deep plunge, it still slides easily. The leather is soft and it has great front pockets to put your keys and accessories in. I find this bag very usable and acts as a purse as well as a piece of art! Go get it on ShopBop now!!

  • bl@ckjack

    It reminds me of the eighties. Perhaps one could wear it to a Dynasty-themed party?

  • J

    this bag is fab. Maybe not so utilitarian, but hey if you want use use a plastic bag!

  • Handbag Addict

    I have this purse and it is nothing short of AMAZING! I get compliments every time I carry it. You don’t think that the access would work, but it does and this is a super easy bag to carry. I am a gold girl, so the gold is perfect for me as it is hard to find a casual rocker bag with gold accents. Because of the grey I even rock it with silver and it literally goes with everything. This is a unique winner! In regards to the 80’s comment, well that is the style all over the runways for Spring 2010 so don’t hate Jack Rabbit for being ahead of the curve, but I don’t view it as 80’s at all.

  • L

    is there anywhere else this bag can be purchased?? i had been eying it for so long on shopbop but still wasn’t sure. now that it’s sold out, i need it!!! where else can i find this?

  • Audree

    I don’t even know how I came across this forum, but I’ve seen this bag in person– Mull is completely right. It isn’t functional and ridiculously overpriced. Maybe buy it on clearance?

  • Lauren Wang


    I saw that has it in stock. They have it in a tan color and one in black.

  • anonimous b

    hi everyone! this bag is being sold right now @ hautelook. here is the invitation if you’re interested:

    i was basically just googling this bag cause it caught my eye in hautelook and your review is really helpful. although it does look not practical.. it is very unique looking. i don’t know, i might be tempted to buy it lol

  • anonimous b

    oh and it is $300 on hautelook

  • Nata

    On Gilt today and tomorrow in jet black, stone gray and very lovely navy for $299.