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Over the past few months, tons of people have asked me about the size difference between the uber-popular Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag and the design’s mini version, which is brand new for Fall 2014. Although I had seen the regular and mini sizes side-by-side in the brand’s showroom, I could only be so helpful; words, after all, are a bit abstract in these sorts of situations. Now that my mini has arrived, I’m here to provide a brief rundown.

Since these bags are so difficult to put your hands on in stores for in-person comparison, it’s important to feel confident when pre-ordering. The regular Bucket Bag is a very generous size; at 12.25” H X 10” W X 6” D and as lightweight as a bag that size can be, my big Bucket fits a long wallet, keys, a card case, a small umbrella, sunglasses, my phone and headphones and medium lunch Tupperware. If I wanted to, I could also stuff a very light sweater in there without anything poking out.

At 9.5” H X 8” W X 4.5” D, the Mini Bucket is approximately a 3/4 version of its big sister. That means it’s still got room for everything that’s in the regular Bucket, except the Tupperware and sweater, although organization is important to fit everything else. Either would make a suitable everyday bag, depending on how much you tend to carry; to me, the Mini Bucket will be for weekends or days that I don’t bring my lunch. (Which, let’s be real: I don’t bring my lunch that often.)

As for proportion when worn, the Mini Bucket is perfect for more petite buyers. Both Bea and Katherine are around five feet, and they expressed preference for its shrunken size. I’m 5’6 and feel pretty comfortable with both, although the Mini feels more “mini” on me than it does on my PurseBlog compatriots of shorter stature. Shannon, who is 5’9 (well, 5’8.5), said that she actually preferred the Mini and didn’t feel as though it was too small for her taller-than-average frame. (We are an office of diverse heights.)

Now that you know how the sizes compare, you just have to figure out how to get your hands on one. Right now, the best we can do is tell you that a few of the brands bags (although none of the Buckets) are still available for pre-order via Barneys.

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  • Sandy

    I just don’t get it…what is so great about it?

    • Guest

      Classic shape, clean lines, well-constructed, luxurious looking leather, and reasonably priced. It’s like purchasing a premier designer bag but at a contemporary designer price tag.

  • Kate

    Love it! Both sizes.

  • Mana

    No modeling shots?! Would love to see these on somebody!

    • We’re working on it! Everyone is in and out of the office this week.

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  • Priya Walia

    I am confused between the two!

  • louch

    your first one looks pretty battered already Amanda. I know it got wet and all but it looks like it won’t age well.

    • The ones in vegetable-tanned leather are definitely not for someone who wants a bag to look brand new for its lifespan; they’re meant to look aged after use, and that’s not for everyone. MG is making some in saffiano for fall, and that’ll work better if you prefer leather that doesn’t change. (Which goes for saffiano bags across brands – it’s a great choice if wear bothers you.)

      • Luisa

        the Italian tumbled leather or the Italian canvas will look aged as the vegetable-tanned?

    • Winn

      For some, aging well means aging very minimally or not at all. Others prefer their bags to show some maturity. As Amanda said, these bags are for those who prefer the aged look. With my MG, I’ve found that though the leather has changed its coloring, the shape of the bag is perfectly in tact and seems it will stay that way.

  • Maria Montes

    I bought a vintage bag the inside sales creations c L Paris made in France . What can you tell me about this name

  • Regina George

    don’t suppose megs/amanda could do a purseonals on this?

  • Amanda

    Can’t wait for mine to come in!

  • kindled

    I actually think the full sized one, given its adventures with buses and rainstorms, looks pretty good (maybe could use a bit of leather cleaner on the bottom, but seriously, most bags could not recover from that!). I’d love to see them modeled on you guys, especially since there’s such a range of heights!

  • HfromT

    I was lucky enough to snag a mini bucket bag when MG opened its ecommerce site, and it is the perfect size for my 5’4″ 123 lb frame. The larger size is just too big for my frame. The mini bucket bag can still hold my Hermes Kelly wallet along the bottom of the bag, along with sunglasses, a small makeup bag, cell phone and keys, with room to spare. It’s a great bag!

    • jyohal

      Thanks, this is very helpful!

  • jyohal

    I pre-ordered the Rosa bucket bag through a retailer, and they shipped me the mini size instead of the normal size by mistake. I have been trying to decide if I should return the mini one and just wait for the large size, so this comparison has been very helpful!