Over the past few months, tons of people have asked me about the size difference between the uber-popular Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag and the design’s mini version, which is brand new for Fall 2014. Although I had seen the regular and mini sizes side-by-side in the brand’s showroom, I could only be so helpful; words, after all, are a bit abstract in these sorts of situations. Now that my mini has arrived, I’m here to provide a brief rundown.

Since these bags are so difficult to put your hands on in stores for in-person comparison, it’s important to feel confident when pre-ordering. The regular Bucket Bag is a very generous size; at 12.25” H X 10” W X 6” D and as lightweight as a bag that size can be, my big Bucket fits a long wallet, keys, a card case, a small umbrella, sunglasses, my phone and headphones and medium lunch Tupperware. If I wanted to, I could also stuff a very light sweater in there without anything poking out.

At 9.5” H X 8” W X 4.5” D, the Mini Bucket is approximately a 3/4 version of its big sister. That means it’s still got room for everything that’s in the regular Bucket, except the Tupperware and sweater, although organization is important to fit everything else. Either would make a suitable everyday bag, depending on how much you tend to carry; to me, the Mini Bucket will be for weekends or days that I don’t bring my lunch. (Which, let’s be real: I don’t bring my lunch that often.)

As for proportion when worn, the Mini Bucket is perfect for more petite buyers. Both Bea and Katherine are around five feet, and they expressed preference for its shrunken size. I’m 5’6 and feel pretty comfortable with both, although the Mini feels more “mini” on me than it does on my PurseBlog compatriots of shorter stature. Shannon, who is 5’9 (well, 5’8.5), said that she actually preferred the Mini and didn’t feel as though it was too small for her taller-than-average frame. (We are an office of diverse heights.)

Now that you know how the sizes compare, you just have to figure out how to get your hands on one. Right now, the best we can do is tell you that a few of the brands bags (although none of the Buckets) are still available for pre-order via Barneys.

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