Dautore Linking Strap HoboWhen you guys were kids, did you ever take part in the really elaborate lanyard-weaving with the plastic-y, brightly colored strips of…well, whatever they were? The stuff which you used to make lanyards? I did, and the end result was always this weird, rigid box-weave column of uselessness. For the life of me, I can’t remember what we did with them or why we felt so compelled to make them. It was an odd ritual of girlhood, and one that I can’t entirely place now that I look back on it.

And the reason that I’m looking back on it at all is the Dautore Linking Strap Hobo.

Dautore Linking Strap Hobo

At least, it appears as though someone has figured out what to do with our weird box weavings – make them in to handbag straps! I fear that they may flatten with time and use, but other than that, it’s actually quite a nice idea. They’re geometric and modern-looking in this muted color palette, and they provide visual interest in a way for which other designers may rely on hardware.

What stops me from being fully enthusiastic is the color. Sure, it sort of goes along with the minimalistic geometry that we’ve got going on here, but it’s the shade of pea soup and I’m not particularly fond of it. It seems almost noncommittal – almost a real color, almost not, wavering out there in between the two options, unwilling to pick one side or the other. And ultimately, I want a bag that goes confidently in the direction of its dreams. The lanyard handle is a cute touch, though. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $580.

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  • Jane

    The straps do remind me of those useless lanyards I used to make as a child for hours and hours. The only thing that I made out of those lanyards were key chains. I adore the straps, but that color is awful. I would consider buying it if it wasn’t for that color. Yuk!!

  • Jane

    I just checked out the Dautore leather linking strap flap hobo now that bag is fun.