I’m pretty sure that I don’t look at or write about Coach bags as often as I should, or as often as some of our readers would prefer. I don’t like logos or bags that aren’t made out of leather, and sadly, those preferences eliminate a lot of their line from appealing to my personal taste.

I always forget that they make some really great leather bags, however, and I’m going to try hard to remember that in the future and feature them more often. In order to make amends to their numerous fans, let’s start by talking about a bag that is totally worthy of the extra attention: the Coach Kristin Large Tote.

I’ve always been of the opinion that Coach does smooth leather really well, and this bag only serves to support my previous impressions of their work. As far as the design goes, I could have done without the dangly bits on the side, but I think that the somewhat sparse body of the bag does a good job of showing off the bag’s simple lines. My favorite part, for some reason, is the little metal bits on the front pocket flaps – it’s a slightly industrial touch, made over to be high-end and pretty. Overall, this is a Coach bag that I would be glad to have. Buy through Nordstrom for $598.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Stacy

    This is a nice bag indeed. I feel that they are trying to keep in lockstep with the other designers who also use these “dangly” side pieces on their bag. Oh well. Originality flew out the window a long time ago.

  • swags

    I love this bag!

  • Cathyfitz

    Nice, but isn’t it strongly similar to MJ’s Christy?

  • 19yearslater

    I love this bag in black.

  • lisa m.

    I got the Kristen leather cross body in a mint color for my birthday and I adore it. It has a built in card holder. I really love the metal clasp on this line.

  • Loquita

    I like the Kristin line…it is well made, and the hardware is very nice!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I like the look of this bag in white or black. I like the seaming down the front pockets. It gives a nice line to the bag.

  • Cee

    I’m a dedicated Coach customer and I find most of their bags are made of leather now, but in the past there was definitely a lot more fabric, nylon, etc. I just bought a gorgeous patent leather Leah tote, but now I want the Kristen!!

  • Lindsey (aka modchik)

    I have the messenger style version of this bag (purchased at Nordstrom) – same color and I ADORE it. It is the perfect white, compliments everything and doesn’t stand out like a HUGE white bag. Everyone comments on the same thing – they dig the metal clasp on the front pocket! Mine has a single front pocket with the same nickle hardware.

  • BB

    GORGEOUS! i love the Kristen line. It’s definitely the best collection Coach has released so far, besides the Madison and Madeline collection too. If Coach keeps up with their more classic looking, clean and simplicity seen and done in this line and Madison, I’m gonna be really happy. :)

    I hope to own a wristlet from this collection someday, unless I can find one of the bigger bags at the outlet for a good price. Seriously drooling over the clutch though. I’m loving this in white and that teal/mint color. DROOL!

  • Cate

    Something about this bag just doesn’t do it for me, but I have to say that I do love the color, and I’m a big fan of those handles, too!

  • faith24

    it would have looked better if there were no strings and some other kind of pockets on the front. other than that i have no complains! No crazy Coach logos all over the bag – I am pretty happy :)

  • Laura

    I love this purse and I am so not a fan of white… but I am of LEATHER! :) I do believe they also make this in a lovely coral color as well. They also *HAD* an adorable tri-colored tan bowler bag that was just awesome for around $375-ish, but it seems to have flown off store shelves before I could scoop one up. :( (fb)

  • Julie Stam

    I love Coach bags and I love the hardware on the Kristin line. I really like the look of this bag, though I am not a white bag girl. Coach is doing some really interesting leathers. The new Julia line features a gunmetal metallic leather. My gold Mettalic Chevron Audrey has a variety of gold leathers. And a new bag that I just saw today at the Coach store is the Audrey satchel in antique rose or eggshell with a large embroidered rose on the front; I’m waiting for it to come out in grey. I am a loyal Coach fan and have too many Coach bags to count; really too many purses period to count, but probably more Coach bags than anything else. (fb)

  • gacats

    This bag in coral would be in my closet.
    In white- no. (fb)

  • swags

    I love this bag. I find Coach leather bags to be very durable and in recent years they are also much more trendy than say 10 years ago. Although they do still offer the classic bags that gained them their reputation.

  • blkbty14

    I love this bag and the dangly straps bring me back to the legacy Coach drawstring bags. I likey!

  • Jane

    I very nice simple bag, the leather looks wonderful. (fb)