It takes a lot for me to like a brown bag; as a dyed-in-the-wool wearer of black, I just don’t find a whole lot of use for the color in my everyday life. When I cleaned out my stuffed-to-the-gills walk-in closet this weekend, I found exactly two pieces of brown apparel, and one was a leftover dress from my desperate attempts at outfit diversity while I still worked in the marketing office of a large resort.

Still, though, I love the Botkier Bowie Satchel so much that one is on its way to me as we speak. The shade of brown (camel, really) and lines of the bag are so perfect that I couldn’t resist. Plus, the color is light enough that I can easily pair it with my unending racks of black clothing.

What instantly drew me to the bag, of course, were the strips of leather across the front. They’re so neat and architectural, and I can say with reasonable certainty that I haven’t seen a handbag with a similar design basis any time in the recent past. It’s a look that’s truly unique, and that’s not something that’s easy to come by in a crowded contemporary handbag market (just ask sometime Botkier-copiers CC Skye).

As will all the Botkier bags that I’ve come across, the materials used in this satchel are top notch. You get just the right amount of slouch without sacrificing durability, which is important, because you’ll likely want to use this bag for a long time to come. Buy through Botkier for $595.

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  • Loquita

    So original!!! I am also a black bag person – brown doesn’t work for me, no matter how hard I try…but I can certainly see why you would make an exception to the rule for this amazing design, Amanda. Botkier does it again!!!

  • Jane

    Wow! this bag is incredible it looks like a piece of architecture. You see architecture inspired clothes all the time, but this is the first time I saw a bag that was. Usually they just put a picture of a building on the bag for effect, but this is a whole different level. I love it. Congrats on the great new bag.

  • Mochababe73

    I am not one to have a brown or black handbag. I think that I have two black and two brown. But, I don’t wear them that often. However, I would be willing to carry this one because it looks so unique.
    I love bags that have the right balance between structure and slouch. Those are hard to find.

    • Mochababe73

      Forgot again. (fb)

  • Paula_Rose

    I saw a picture of this on twitter this morning, I like it! but sort of reminds me of a rib cage (fb)

  • Handbag Lover

    I am sorry i don’t like this one at all. Look like they did not know what to do with some left over belts. :/

  • Reece

    this one is just too fussy for me. (fb)


    This bag is stunning I have never like a Botkier bag before but I would buy this one…

  • mrsmere66

    Ooohhhhh… I’m considering this one. I love something that’s different yet still elegant (fb)

  • coachbags

    coach bags It looks very noble

  • Adiva Artuvogue

    dig the green ochre leather action