My first response to the Betsey Johnson Sweet & Tart Hobo was, of course, “Oh, honey. No.” Because it’s Betsey Johnson, and if she’s on her game, then that should always be the first thing that springs to mind. She’s all about shock value and bold statements, even if those statements are always in the best taste. Good taste gets boring after a while, anyway.

But her genius has always been in getting you to take a second look, which is what I did here. And when you get past the fact that this is a red plaid handbag, things start to make a little more sense. Trust me on this one.

Betsey Johnson Sweet and Tart Hobo

The first thing I realized about this bag, upon taking a second look, was that the structure was strikingly similar to the Valentino Bow Hobo that I raved about last week on PurseBlog. It’s slouchy, easy-to-carry, and adorned with an enormous bow on the front. This is obviously the poor man’s version, without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still work. Because it does!

And then, there’s the plaid. My biggest opposition to this bag was the lumberjack red material that it’s made out of, and I’m still not entirely convinced that I should be ok with it. But I’ve seen plaid all over the place for fall, and can’t wait to get a couple of plaid shirts myself to wear with black skinnies and a thick belt, so I can’t hate on the material entirely. At the very least, she’s on-trend, and if you were to combine it with an outfit of blacks and greys, you just might pull it off. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $198.

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  • Poodle

    Its alright I guess…but it just looks too cheap for a $200 price tag. The handles look like a 5 year old constructed them…but then again, all of B. Johnson’s junk looks like that. I don’t know, I think it shouldn’t cost more than $30 on a good day, and even then…. Who buys this junk anyway?

  • Amanda Mull

    That’s a decent question: I have no idea who buys this stuff, honestly.

  • ottercat

    1977. God save the Queen.

  • Julie

    ^ ditto!!!!!

  • Jerrilee

    I agree with construction, cost and who buys it?! If Target had it for $25 it would fly out the door…that’s who buys it.

  • 19yearslater

    I love it. Plaid is not only the material of lumberjacks (is lumberjack even a job anymore?) its the material of schoolgirl skirts. I think that is more the tone this bag is taking, and I like it.

  • Allison

    I am loving plaid for fall…I would indeed buy this…maybe not for the $200 price tag…I have problems paying this much for a 90% cloth bag. I like a lot of things about this though, I think you’d definitely have to plan your outfit around this bag…I’m thinking a little hipsterish, plain white T, skinny black pants, Ray Bans, metallic flats.

  • Kameron

    Your right! Plaid is of course in for fall…but ask yourself “Do I really want a purse that look’s like a flannel shirt or a lumberjack’s shirt?” The plaid pattern also distracts the beautiful bow detail which does not allow you to appreciate the look of the bag itself! I say keep looking. I have only seen one master so far with the bow detail and that is Valentino… he keeps the material color solid so the bow itself is fabulousness! :)

  • Bill Bartmann

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