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  • abbi

    My favourite is the Sophie Hulme-I love the hardware on her small bags/clutches but her tote is ruined for me by having it on the sides as well as front and back

  • KMoya

    The B Brian Atwood looks very much like the Moynat Pauline…..

  • annag

    Sophie Hulme, hands down!

  • Deborah

    I’m loving that Furla. The color is brilliant.

    • Irene

      Furla bag is also “made in Italy ”
      All the more reason to love. I will be buying the “Atlantic” blue shade. Hope they’re not sold out!

  • keely

    wow quite like that LAMB one (and thats not a brand i had really considered before)….kind of Chloe-esque

  • fran123

    I wonder how many are NOT made in China.

    • Cara Souza

      True, even very big brands are also made in China as I know.

    • Yan Zhang

      I think you have a prejudice about “made in China “,China can make both high quality and low quality bags depend on the brands.

      • fran123

        of course! because if I’m buying a $600 bag, I want it to be worth $600 and the person who made it to get paid fairly. Does that happen in China? What brands are high quality made in China?? do tell.

      • Amanda

        You should search for brands like Coach that do not third party outsource. Because they have more control over the environment where their items are being made, the working conditions are up to par with international standards. Most of these companies also rotate their HR reps so there are fresh faces all the time, rather than for one visit, one day a year.

      • fran123

        Thanks but I would rather not buy Coach because they are all made in China. That was pretty much my point. No way am I buying a $600 bag that is made in China.

      • Mia

        My friend’s husband is Chinese, and some of his family works for Coach. The wages are fair and the working environment is supposedly modern, clean and professional.