Last week we saw Chloé’s moderately unsuccessful attempt at handbag minimalism, so to brighten up your Tuesday morning, I thought it would be nice to take a look at a bag from a brand that does minimalism far more successfully: Jil Sander.

Sander long ago ceased contact with her eponymous line, but her preference for minimal, modern design lives on in pieces like the Jil Sander Gray Manga Madame Bag. Competitors, take note: this is how you do chic minimalism.

Photo via Price unavailable because my Googling skills have failed me. My guess would be around $2000.

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  • belgianyen

    just sheer chic minimalism!!! =]

  • Claire

    That got an “oooooooooooooh” out of me!

  • mochababe73

    Is that stingray? I love sting ray.
    I don’t really like this bag. I may need to see it in person. Right now, it looks awkward and chunky. And that wide strap is a little weird.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Love the contrast of the gray pebbled leather with the smooth leather. Need to see more of the bag. That luggage tag in the front might bug me big time. The shoulder strap does look quite wide.

  • Leah

    Sigh, this is gorgeous.

  • Michael St. James
  • Sonya

    Absolutely beautiful, this is a must have item!!!!!

  • hal

    love this…………….smile

  • !!!


  • 19yearslater

    I agree with posters above that the thick strap seems awkward. Maybe if it were removed the bag would look better, but then the shoulder option is lost.

  • louch

    That strap is WAY too chunky for the rest of the bag – the handle is so delicate and small – to put that big strap on just detracts from the bag as a whole. Big thumbs down from me.

  • gacats

    I really like the bag. Not so fond of the price, if in fact $2K is what it rings up on the register. (fb)

  • Staci

    Amanda, I want this bag! I love the color and the details. Jil Sanders continues to surprise me!

  • Irma Tso

    OMG, I am in love, this is beautiful..I love it..

  • merve

    I have to see it in person but it looks very elegant.

  • crewe

    beautiful!!! although i think i would take off the shoulder strap, i love the contrast in the two textures and the colour is very soft and versatile.

  • papertiger


  • Jen

    Amazing, gorgeous bag. The material looks amazing. I love the wide strap- so architectural. I love everything Jil Sander but can’t afford any of it!

  • Celia

    This bag is gorgerous! Loving the leather texture! Great example of minimalism!

  • JenG


  • Belle

    I am in love.

  • Jac

    I love this.


    This bag is way to plain to cost $2K

  • Erin

    *sigh* This bag is like a perfect typeface: sleek, simple, and just enough embellishment and attention to detail to keep you looking. The “serifs” are in all the right places.