I will never forget the first time I saw a Alexander Wang Printed Lizard Emile Satchel. I first saw someone toting around this satchel on the subway in Soho, and I will admit I was not familiar with any of Alexander Wang’s designs at the time. I was waiting for the R train on my way to class when a chic young woman in her 20s stood next to me on the platform, carrying a black leather satchel. As soon as I saw her bag, I was immediately drawn to its edgy, cool, downtown look. As surreptitiously as I could, I looked for any clue of a designer logo or a brand name. This, my friends, is how I came to discover Alexander Wang.

Needless to say, I have been a huge admirer of his designs ever since, and I cannot get enough of this burgundy satchel. Satchels are actually one of my favorite handbags styles because of their functionality and versatility. It is a handbag that holds everything you want to carry and you can wear it anywhere from work to the weekend. What draws me into this design in particular is the unique domed shape at the top. The satchel is constructed with a double-zipper closure and the silver metal corners and double handles are all used to encompass the Wang style: slouchiness meets sophistication.

Even Alan from The Hangover knew the wisdom of sporting a satchel. The fact that it wasn’t an Alexander Wang satchel…well I suppose we can forgive him for his minor fashion lapse. You can buy your first or your next Alexander Wang satchel through ShopBop for $925.

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9 years ago

Great color! Wish i could afford this Lol

8 years ago

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