My love for Loewe is nothing new; in fact I’ve shared it with you all recently. In the intervening months, that adoration has only grown inside of my handbag-loving heart. I’m always looking for the next bag to add to my collection, and over the years I’ve noticed my style has changed slightly. I now lean toward simpler, more timeless designs instead of young, hip alternatives. Looking at my own collection, it’s easy to see how the transition has happened, and maybe it’s even expected as I get older. In that light, my adoration for Loewe also makes sense.

The Loewe Amazona Bag is the most famous of the group and it is the bag I have my eyes set on. With so many combinations when it comes to this bag, from solid colors to colorblocking to a multitude of skins, there is something for everyone.

I’ve got my mind and my eyes set on the black and chestnut bicolor Amazona bag; not only are both colors really useful for the season, bit it has a timeless appeal. I’m immediately drawn in to the smooth, black, refined calf leather, which is offset with a burgundy and chestnut details, which gives an ultra luxurious vibe. I’m not one who loves to carry a bag with only top handles, but most celebs seem to be able to slide this into the crook of their arm, and I will give this bag more props because of its sheer beauty. The hardest part is tracking this down to buy it, but where there’s a will there’s a way. The price for this version is around $2,000.

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9 years ago

So beautiful.

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