It seems like every time I write about one of VBH’s gorgeous bags, I lament the fact that they’re so hard to come by online. I have a local boutique that carries a good selection of the brand’s popular envelope clutches, and our readers in major fashion capitals can surely find ways to access these bags, but for most people, VBH pieces are hard to find even if you do happen to have the large (and I do mean large) chunk of change you need in order to acquire one.

But now, with a few clicks of a mouse button, you too can have bags like the VBH Brera Double Zip Satchel. Look at it this way: It’s not nearly as much as a Birkin, and in my very humble opinion, VBH makes the best Birkin-alternatives out there.

What has always impressed me about this bag in particular is the confidence of the design. Instead of lots of distracting bells and whistles, the sharp lines and interesting shape of the bag take center stage, as does the superb leather. There’s nowhere for bad stitching or subpar materials to hide on a bag like this, and a designer willing to show his full hand is one who is confident that what he’s offering is worth the steep asking price. VBH is on the very, very short list of brands that make bags for which I’d be willing to part with $3000. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $3250.

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  • Tannie

    this is actually very niceee!!! but priceyy

  • 19yearslater

    It is a nice bag, but it has that Birkin feel to it and I’m not much of a fan, so even if I had the money I wouldn’t get one.

  • gpc

    VBH bags are exquisite. I actually pre-ordered the sueded python origami bag…

    • Oooh, I’m jealous! I really love VBH’s stuff, I’m so happy that Neiman Marcus picked up the line.

  • PhotoGirl

    Beautiful! If I had the means, I would’t hesitate for a moment.

  • qudz

    its very beautiful for sure!

  • Jen

    I just couldn’t drop 3k on a bag that was designed by a spice girl.

    • kate w

      VBH isn’t Victoria Beckham’s line…it’s short for Vernon Bruce Hoeksema, a completely different designer.

  • Mochababe73

    I like the bag. VBH is a nice alternative. I haven’t even seen them here in Houston.
    However, I don’t think that I could spend this kind of money on something sight unseen.

  • Jan

    No matter how I try to justify buying bags like these…I just CANNOT do it. This little bit of leather and the hardware just do not equate to over $3,000! You are paying to carry the brand-as you do with most of the bags over $1000. This would pay for so many other things like a downayment on a car, a house, medical insurance for 6 months etc.

  • louch

    Reminds me a lot of the Celine Luggage bag with the sticking out bits. I prefer this one any day.

  • lula

    I think the price is really good because I’m also considering a peekaboo which is also $3000 but doesn’t look as serious as this one. On the other hand it’s too bad I’ve already got a Chanel cerf tote.. they are so much alike except the VBH shape is a little more fun.
    Back to the bag itself.. there is somehow a sort of awkwardness in’s not sufficiently “unpractical” for being a piece of luxury, and at the same time it’s kind of overdone(the suede lining, the locktab) for everyday use.

  • mabs

    So classy

  • raw

    Sorry, but I don’t see anything special about this bag. In the least bit! Pass!

  • Graciella

    I was just looking at this bag at the NM site – it’s pure perfection. If I had the money I’d buy it in a heart beat!

  • Graciella

    It looks a bit like a Paris-Bombay (Hermes), doesn’t it? I still prefer this one though!

  • LDJ

    Damn, I think Im in love and it does favor a Hermes bag.