Despite any fun that I might have had at Versace’s expense in the past, I really, really want the brand to get through its growing pains and come out the other side making beautiful accessories. Few labels have the kind of global name recognition that Versace enjoys, and it would make the accessories market as a whole much richer for Versace to find its voice and become a real player in the handbag game. If it keeps making bags like the Versace Hilary Satchel, there’s hope for the brand yet.

Instead of the over-the-top, mismatched styling that we’ve seen from the brand in the past, this bag’s design has been edited down to just the parts necessary to keep some of the Versace attitude. Most of that comes by way of the round hardware motif that dots the front of the bag, but it doesn’t distract at all from the beautifully textured and glazed purple leather underneath. Instead of having multiple colors, patterns and types of hardware compete with each other, this bag’s elements all work work together.

It’s not often that I see a Versace bag and think, wow, I would totally be able to work that in to my wardrobe, but that’s exactly the reaction I had to this bag. Medium-to-dark purple is a rich color that looks great against black and grey for winter, and it provides a bit of color to an outfit without looking season-inappropriate during colder weather. The abundance of hardware is typical of the Versace aesthetic, but in this iteration it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the leather or compete with the overall design. It fits.

The bag also seems to be at least reasonably functional. I wish it was a tad deeper, but as it is the design should still offer plenty of interior room for your everyday stuff without getting too bulky or heavy. The only problem, of course, is the price. If Versace wants to spark renewed interest from skeptical bag buyers, they need to consider a significantly different price point. There’s no way that this bag costs over a thousand dollars more to manufacture or market than your average Chloé bag, and most buyers know it. Buy through Nordstrom for $3250.

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  • bentos

    i love versace ever since high school. i hope the label will continue on and carry the standard to be based upon by luxury designers. i would love to see rich girls carry this bag. you’ll look fabulous and irresistible. a real eye catcher.

  • Shannon

    That color is soooo gorgeous. I think that will definitely be a hit this fall, I wish the price wasn’t so ridiculously high otherwise I’d definitely get it.

  • Harry

    Why is anyone complaining about price? Bottega, Louis and Valentino all have bags at this price point. The only high end designer line that really has decreased due to the times is Marc Jacobs.

    • Price is perceived value, and I don’t think that Versace has proven itself enough in the accessories department to be asking prices on par with Bottega. We know that Bottega’s leather is amazing and the bags are timeless, but I think there are more question marks in regard to Versace’s quality and longevity. Until that skepticism in the market goes away and the bags build a following, I think that those prices will continue to look a bit steep.

    • mochababe73

      Versace has not really proven itself to be a handbag designer that consumers go to regularly. The brands that you listed have proven handbag track records. I see these bags all the time. Everywhere.
      I can’t remember the last time that I saw anyone wearing a Versace. When they get it right on a consisten basis, then they should command higher prices.
      As far as the bag is concerned. It’s okay. If I had $3000 of expendable cash, I would rather have a Chanel.

      • Jelita78

        totalllyyyy agree..
        i’d get a chanel too with that kind of money! (ipad)

  • Marianna

    Versace really got it right this time! That bag is stunning but it’s definitely at a price point that keeps it as something I will have to be content to just admire. That’s okay-there is still plenty in my range that makes me very happy!

  • annabelle

    this bag is gorgeous!!! to die for~!!!

  • alund

    Versace continues to be in La La land. You can get a Nancy Gonzalez tote, in purple croc, for the amount of money Versace is asking for the bag. Likewise agree with Amanda regarding Bottega.

  • Söpötikru

    Versace’s pricing policy is to keep their products luxury which their brand is known of. I don’t see the point of having a strong bias against their products based on the price (“the bag is crappy because it costs too much and I cannot afford it, qq”). Chanel and some other brands ask 5-6k per small bag. Versace manufactures great quality – a lot of people just don’t know it because they buy other brands. The blog title alone implies strong bias against the brand, as if Versace had never made a gorgeous accessory.

    • Harry

      THANK YOU! O and p.s a very similar black python versace at saks, “the frame satchel” is $3325, is that still too much for you people even though it is an exotic and Versace?

  • Demi

    Love the colour! I don’t really like the design, though… The bag is overpriced, in my opinion.

  • bentos

    hi everyone, have you been to i’ve seen their women’s f/w 2010 collection. the dresses and clothings looks exceptional. it seems like versace is up for luxurious, fashionista and rich ladies and guys. the bags that versace made looks very very excellent to fit her clothings, you can then justify it after seeing her male and female collection. very very drool worthy. the only thing is that you have to wear the clothing with the bags, because it won’t easily much with other designer dresses. so it’s like an iphone who’s functionality runs very well only with its own manufacturer. try looking at it, it might make you appreciate her designs for bags somehow. hehe

  • Nee

    This bag is hideous!

  • Sonya

    This bag is a beauty!! The price is right in my book!

  • meme

    I would re-title this post “Versace gets it okay” – the bag is fine but wouldn’t turn my head. Price is insane.

  • sosti

    very nice.. and the color is gorg!

  • !!!

    they’re getting better!


    No for me the bag doesnt do it.
    They should come with nice sleek design’s again like the versace Kayla hobo,beautiful bag .
    Quality of the bags are very good.
    Versace is known for quality especially the clothingline.
    Im allso not a fan off most off the handbags,but i do think they can afford asking match for a bag..I mean never the less it is Versace.If Giani was still alive they would be still on top.

  • nini

    I really like it! (ipad)

  • nini

    The color is regal… the design is elegant. Instant love. Not too stylish for work. LOVE. (ipad)

  • nini

    I wish I could find a look-alike for less. (ipad)

  • AMN

    Love the color and texture! (ipad)

  • AW

    I wouldn’t know it was Versace just by looking at it but the color and details are lovely and luxurious.