Moni Moni Splendor SatchelWhen featuring a totally new designer, I need to have all of you help me out and let me know if the designer thus far is a Yay or a Nay. For today we have a bag from the line Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci. Starting off with a cool name is always a plus. The bag I want you all to take a gander at looks incredibly soft to me. The Moni Moni “Splendor” Satchel is made from Carmel colored dyewash Italian leather and includes a detachable shoulder strap. I am not sure how long the brand has been around, but the Adasa site says that this bag is hard-to-get. This is a big bag, measures 15.5″x11.5″, and gets a Yay from me for the supple and simple look. What do you have to say about it- Yay or Nay? Buy this satchel through Adasa for $375.

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  • Eni

    100% a yay. just got it from Adasa. such a cool bag and with functions too. goes really well with casual look. A+++

  • DK

    I just bought the chocolate brown one and LOVE IT! A better deal is available at Jacqueline Jarrot stores….they priced mine at $335 plus tax…..Enjoy!

  • Tammi

    Just received the bag today in Cappuccino and I love it! The leather is super soft and distressed….perfect for casual everyday wear and the color goes with everything. It’s slightly darker than the picture shows……..more of a taupe than a cream.

  • milly ally

    thought i would love the bag….waited weeks to get it. to be completely disappointed. it had no shape like a wet rag and the color was so ashy as if it had been faded.

    it looked great in pictures, but in reality it didn’t stand up.

    i was such a fan, maybe next time

  • Rini

    Just ordered my second Moni Moni bag yesterday. Love the Cappucino Splendor and am getting the Chocolate shopper tote. Yummy leather and have gotten so many compliments on how unique this bag is.

  • stela meyer

    I love my splendor bag (ligh color),great soft leather, big , casual and cool. I get a lot of compliments . Got it for $395 plus tax, probably not the best deal but it was love at first sight .

  • bondieluv

    I LOVE my Moni Moni Splendor bag! After YEARS of searching and buying, I can say, this bag is what I sought in the smooshy, strong, slouchy stylish yet very casual department! I agree with milly ally, it is absolutely wet-rag shapeless on its own but I use a large cosmetic bag with pockets to organize the inside of all my bags anyways. This bag is absolutely my favourite!

  • snowtire

    i am in love with the shape and leather of the bag, have checked it out several times at the store. but since i’m in taiwan and they do not carry all the colors, i’m totally contemplating over Cappuccino and Pearl Grey now. which one would match with both my casual outfits and my OL (office lady) look!? any suggestions? thanks!

  • lms

    it’s a yay for me, however the only problem i have is that the color tends to rub off onto my clothes. anyone have the same problem??

  • Julia Chang

    I just bought a caramel color splender. I love it a lot. Does all the splender bags come in only one size? All the bags has a leather heart hanging on the bag? My caramel doesn’t come with the hanging heart. Does that mean it is a knock-off? Can somebody answer me?

  • Barb Mackerer

    Moni Moni bags are wounderful..I have 3 and love them

  • Naggy

    It looks rather soft and cuddly; it’s time for bed with this one! (ipad)