Yves Saint Laurent Capri Flap Hobo
Yves Saint Laurent Capri Flap Hobo

There is something so beautiful about many YSL handbags. I do not love them all, but I do love most. The designs are typically very elegant, clean, and wearable. YSL has been using a process of crocodile-embossing their suede, which leaves us with such a stunning effect. There are a few design houses that currently soften their crocodile skins until it does feel like suede (Bottega Veneta does this beautifully), but it is very expensive. Croc-embossed suede looks much more real than croc-embossed leather and I happen to like it much more. The Yves Saint Laurent Capri Flap Hobo implements this croc-suede in a chic shape that is a perfect everyday bag. I have been very drawn to flap bags lately, they allude this feeling of casual style but can still look incredibly stunning and pull an outfit together beautifully. This YSL bag has a golden chain toggle closure with a wooden ornament. On the inside there is a clever center zip that divides the bag in two along with a zip and cell phone pocket. Dimensions are 17″W X 14″H X 6″D. Big question now is which color is better, almond or sky antracite. Both are great, both will last season to season. Buy through Saks for $1595.

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  • katkooty

    sky antracite..

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I love the look of the emboss suede. I can see this as a classic handbag for many seasons. I wish it has more of a slouch…

  • Cindy Maher

    I love the sky anthracite, just a gorgeous bag. Sadly, too pricey for me.

  • tine

    i wished it was more slouchy and then it would be perfection!!!

  • mette

    I got the Capri in sky anthracite a few months ago and I don´t regret buying it at all. It´s perfect. The color seen in person is really exciting, actually it has so many shades of grey that I can wear it with all my grays and jeans and everything. It´s also very light,the size is nice and it´s surprisingly roomy and it is fine that there are zipper pockets inside. I´m totally satisfied with this bag. YSL makes great bags and the quality is trustable.

  • Gi

    i almost got this bag but in the end i picked the tribute instead because i have a black suede hobo bag with the same slouchy appeal…. :smile:

  • dimon

    I would choose the anthracite and wear it with light or bright colors but less likely with black. Also, I bought a golden-brandy colored deerskin suede bag last Fall and you must be very careful with suede, nubuck and such because it gets dirty much, much quicker. It seems to absorb the dust and pollution that we have all around us and even wearing it with a dark wool coat (never dark leather!) will make it dingy.

  • Gio

    Wondered what you thought of men using totes now, there’s a new trend of designers targeting men with ‘women’s’ bags:

  • dimon

    Personally,If my husband came home with a tote bag I would make him walk 10 feet behind me so no one would know he was with me. He has a dark chocalate brown leather messenger bag from Serge Blanco’s Quinze brand (very famous French International rugby player)that looks muy macho and that’s as far as he’ll go with a man bag.

    Anybody remember in Friends when Joey bought a manbag from Rachael at Bloomingdales? So funny, I miss Friends!

  • llson

    I’m more and more attracted to this bag, as mentioned it has a casual appeal, but could be very versatile–I think it’s a different look for YSL. I like both colors, but probably would prefer the anthracite. :smile:

  • pjh

    i like the antracite. i like that the stamping of the leather keeps this at a lower price than actual croc. the YSL bags are hit and miss for me. i like this one though, and some of the others from the current collection, because they look sort of like they are barely being held together. the lines are are very airy and the pieces of fabric seem to be just resting amongst each other. i love that airy quality.

  • LucianaW

    sky antracite….gorgeous! I love YSL, my favorite designer.