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Stylish and Functional: The Saint Laurent Loulou

The Saint Laurent Loulou deserves a spot in your closet

Do you own a bag that works for your life in every way? For me, it’s my Saint Laurent Loulou. I picked up my Loulou last summer and found it a fast favorite in my collection. I’ve loved the Loulou since it was released in 2017, and if you’re an avid PurseBlog reader, you have seen this bag covered quite a bit. An instant favorite among many handbag lovers, the Loulou is a recognizable and beautiful bag.

Dimensions and What Fits

The Loulou comes in four sizes: toy (7.8 X 5.5 X 2.9 inches), small (9.8 X 6.6 X 3.5 inches), medium (12.5 X 8.6 X 4.7 inches), and large (14.9 X 10.6 X 5.5 inches). Although I am a self-proclaimed large handbag lover, I opted for the small version of the Loulou. I call the bag my Mary Poppins bag because it honestly holds so much more than it looks like it ever could. I can carry my kindle, wallet, sunglasses, perfume, make-up, iPhone, keys, and more comfortably in my Loulou.

Construcion and Materials

The Loulou has a magnetic snap closure, so it feels secure and easy to get in and out of. My Saint Laurent Envelope bag has a back pocket that the Loulou lacks, so I do wish it had a back pocket, but the interior does have a zip pocket inside. The Loulou also has a chain strap that can be worn doubled up or singularly, which I love. I tend to carry mine doubled up, but I love that I can wear it long when I want to. The toy version of the Loulou doesn’t have this capability and can only be worn longways, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of adding a Loulou to your collection! In addition to the traditional quilted leather Loulou, Saint Laurent also offers a “puffer” version of this bag, which I find to be so fun and playful.

My Loulou is white calfskin with silver hardware, and I personally love this color combo. I do not wear much denim, so I don’t need to worry about denim transfer, but I have been incredibly impressed with the wear and tear this bag can take. I have been wearing it nonstop, and it looks as new as it did the day I bought it. Because this bag can take a beating and is so functional in every way for me and my lifestyle, I really want to add another to my collection. I love my Loulou so much that I haven’t purchased a new bag since I got it…but it may be time! I’m thinking of getting a gem-toned, medium-sized Loulou for my next purchase.

Saint Laurent Loulou

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  1. ILP Avatar

    I love my LouLou. It’s such a versatile bag. Looks great with casual outfits or with more tailored clothes.

  2. thefashionableteacher Avatar

    I really like the LouLou bag. It’s always on my wishlist. For some reason, I always end up getting something else. I also can’t decide if I want the small or the medium.

    1. ILP Avatar

      I have the medium but I wish I had gotten the small – my only regret. The bag has a lot of depth so the small has the capacity of a typically medium bag. Also, the small size works better for evening.

  3. Stella Avatar

    What is going on with the log in process – other post rejected my credentials when I used login link above – this post has my info prepopulated – hopefully it works

  4. Helenism Avatar

    One of the worst “designer” bags of the past decade. A perfect companion to Ugg-wearing, pumpkin-spice-latte-drinking, and sex-and-the-city-adoring gals.

    1. Irene Avatar

      I believe you are referring to the LV Neverfull MM. lol

    2. shopper Avatar

      I don’t like it either. I find it boring, old lady-ish, hideous logo. Hard pass for me.

      1. Mari Avatar

        I’m not a fan due to market saturation & the big logo.

    3. Amy Avatar

      It’s a starter bag in the luxury community, definitely more saturation than a lot of bags.

    4. Sinaaa Avatar

      I love this bag haters gonna hate. Not every bag fita for ever woman

  5. Nyp1217 Avatar

    Guys – login has been a nightmare – I can’t use disquis and even though I’ve created a new username and password it doesn’t work

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      Apologies, we are tweaking things on our end!

  6. Irene Avatar

    Love my medium size. It holds all my essentials and they fit inside snuggly without moving all around . I have it in the sand/beige with gold hardware. Looks even better the more I use it as my daily bag.

  7. Nyp121y Avatar

    I never quite liked this bag and still don’t like it

  8. Debby Avatar

    What color is bland vintage

  9. Debby Avatar