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A couple readers have emailed me to ask about this YSL bag. While it is very easy to immediately see that this is a Yves Saint Laurent bag, I had a hard time finding more information on this bag. Like the season it is from, are there more being produced, and why it is so utterly-absolutely-fabulous?!

The YSL logo produced by buckles is so ultra-chic I am having a hard time getting this image out of my own head. Clearly the dude carrying this bag (most likely photographed outside of some fashion week show) knows a sporty cool style when he sees one. Now this bag is the envy our our readers and myself. I am so happy to see such an edgy sleek design from YSL and happy to know additional dimensionality can be given without putting chains under the leather to create an unsettling worm-like effect.

So take a look at the Yves Saint Laurent Buckle Bag and not only tell us what you think but also tell us if you know any additional info.

[image via Jak & Jill blog]

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  • Wakh

    I love it! So motorcycle chic!

  • Valentina

    I fell in love with this bag the first time I saw it. I would totally wear this, for men or not. Guys, would you please post the link to Jak & Jil post entry? I don’t remember from when it is and I want the full size photo, and well, I think is rather important to write the source of your images…

    • We usually do, I think Megs just forgot. I’ll point her this way when she gets back online!

    • I actually was just emailed the photo as an attachment so I wasn’t sure where it was from or the direct link… do you know it?!

      • Valentina

        It’s from Jak & Jil blog, I just can’t remember the date he shot it. I’m still searching, will post the link here if I find it. Thanks for always replying guys.

    • It looked very Jak and Jill. Let me know if you find it, I will search too!

      I know how important it is to give credit where credit is due.. I just didn’t know who it was due to :)

      • Valentina

        Couldn’t find the link to the photo. Gosh… I’m dying to know the price of this bag. Hope you guys find some info :)

  • Nirelly

    I would like to know if it comes in another color

  • Handbag Lover

    This bag is sick! Love it.

  • mel

    love the bag!

    a site has postings identical to this and the Paris Hilton post. Are they affiliated? It didn’t look like it but I thought I’d let you now.

    • Nope – they are just stealing our content. Unfortunately, there are so many people doing that now. If anyone is affiliated with us, we will tell you (and you can see at the top of the page) :)

      I removed their link so we don’t send them any traffic!

  • Sakyie

    Its been a while since I’ve nearly drooled over a bag. This bag…good lawd I’m in love!! Only YSL bag I own is a Muse Two, and I’m in love with it, but this would definitely shove my muse to the back of my closet for a while!

  • Nk

    That bag is F-I-E-R-C-E !!!!!!!! Love it!

  • Marleen Isabelle

    Love it! The buckles are so understated edge to the chicness of the bag. D love to know more about it.

  • kemilia

    This is a way cool bag! Clever with the belts/buckles, industrial-chic.

  • helda boham

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the BAAAAAAAAAG!!!! :o ITS MY NEW OBSETION!!!

  • louch

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love the Muse II but just sold mine – this would be an AWESOME replacement.

  • Labelina

    Oh darlings … if I was to photograph the bag I have from the same collection you would all die. As a matter of fact, I think you’d like mine much more than this one. Just my opinion. I purchased the bag and it’s only seen the light of day for a good 15 minutes (if that). Ironically, before I saw this post I was telling my friend how I truly need to start using the things I’ve collected over the years. Anyway, this truly is a sick bag, but mine is much fiercer.

    • What bag do you have?!

    • Tashan

      if your not using it sell it to me thanks :)

  • Christine

    Do we have a price on this one? I neeeeed it

  • elfgirl

    The mystery is solved! It was from the Spring 2008 Mens Luggage collection and retailed for $2285. It apparently went on sale and is no longer available. *weeps*


    • Natalie

      THANK you so much for sharing!! <3
      *sobs* Mystery solved!!

  • jc_girl

    Gosh!!! I so love it, Black, Buckles, So Unique. So cool. Wear this and have a lot of head turns. =)

  • ChrisHK

    I have seen the entire collection. There was a cream suede one with brown leather YSL with gold buckles and it’s beautiful. Except that I’d hate the bag as soon as the cream suede turns grey in the corner from the dirt. There is a black tote in the same design that will be perfect for the ladies, size wise, so long as you don’t mind there being no strap for slinging across the chest – not a good look for girls anyway. There is also a little pouch sized one with a strap – about 25cm (W) by 28cm (H). This one in the photo is the Dog’s Tuxedo and is the fiercest of the lot!

  • LV

    I saw it once at Habour City YSL in Hong Kong….it looks fab! I almost have it but i had bought the gucci bag first so…..:( btw if im not mistaken this bag is from the fall-winter 2009 collection.

  • ChrisHK

    OK – I have just bought the YSL Vavin duffel bag. And the tote, and the sling. They were from an old collection, but they managed to do a reorder. Where did I buy them? YSL Hong Kong. There are only 3 of each design in Hong Kong. Oops, now 2. And yes, the one pictured is the nicest of the lot but is a little big for most women unless you specifically want an overnighter. Otherwise the tote and the sling are more suited for day to day use. And are they beautiful? OMG – words fail me… But the duffel which is pictured is the most beautiful of them all.

  • Fay

    i love this bag soo very much, it’s definitely something different and outstanding.

  • Tashan

    where can i get this bag someone PLEASE TELL ME

  • Matt

    ORDERED MINE TODAY! WOOT! I’m getting the second gen with silver buckles

  • I love the bags ,it like IT bag,now for sale here

    • Afreenpk

      where can i get this bag???