GUYS, I’m excited! Remember when I reviewed my Senreve Maestra bag and shared how much I love it? It works really well as an everyday bag—be it a work bag, a mom bag, or just a bag to carry all of your daily necessities. I continued to carry it and use it for months—there is no color transfer, and I’m so impressed by that on a white bag. When we first introduced Senreve bags, I did share that a Mini Maestra was on its way as well, and Senreve was kind enough to send me this bag to compare to the larger size.

Well, I can now say I’m even more in love with the Senreve Mini Maestra than the larger size! As Millie’s gotten older, she’s obviously gotten heavier and is more to manage because she’s always wanting to be on the move, and I don’t need to carry quite as many items with me at all times. She’s so heavy and not walking yet, so I typically carry her into places, and I need a bag that is both lightweight but incredibly functional. Enter the Mini Maestra—this bag is everything to me right now!

I sometimes find the Maestra a bit large when I don’t need all the extra space, so the Mini Maestra is perfect (actually, Senreve, maybe we need a medium size, because I’d carry and love that too). The interior has plenty of organizational setup—seven compartments in total. The padded compartment at the back of the bag fits an iPad mini, but I use it for diapers, a small pack of wipes, and cream. There are four small sleeve pockets, and they fit an iPhone plus, along with an additional larger zipper pocket for other loose items; that’s where I keep Millie’s EpiPen, hand sanitizer, and her other must-have items that I don’t reach for all the time.

The exterior of the bag has the same details as the larger size, just shrunken down. There is a front flap closure with a collar stud belt. You get pretty quick at opening and closing the bag, and often I don’t snap the front belt, but it’s magnetic, so fastening it isn’t hard. Like other Senreve bags, the interior is lined in a light blue micro-suede which is lightweight and light in color, which means you can find what you’re looking for quickly. The back has an exterior open pocket, but on the smaller size, it’s too small for me to use very much. Like all other Senreve bags, you can carry this bag multiple ways: over-the-shoulder, on the arm, crossbody, or backpack, as the double straps are easy to adjust and change the way you carry the bag, but I always opt for over-the-shoulder or crossbody.

As for the leather, it’s so good! The bag is 100% made in Italy, an aspect the Senreve team prides itself on, and the leather on this bag is Italian water-resistant pebbled leather. It’s incredibly sturdy and durable (it’s scratch resistant), yet still soft to the touch and has a smooth appearance. If you need to clean the bag, simply wipe with a damp cloth—no soap. I so appreciate that I can really use these bags, and even opt for light colors since I know they won’t wear quickly—this Blush color is too pretty to put into words.

I was instantly drawn to Senreve because the bags look modern, new and clean, and I really love how passionate the duo who founded the brand feels toward their bags. The clean lines on each bag make the aesthetics strong, but it’s the usability and functionality that puts these bags into the must-have category for me. I always liked the Senreve Maestra best, and now that I have both, I can confidently say these bags are really, really, really good. If you need something bigger and want to carry your laptop for work, opt for the original Maestra, but if you can go with a more compact bag, the Mini is for you.

Shop the Maestra for $995 and Mini Maestra for 695 at

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