Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee
Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee

And I thought Vlad was off in thinking the Matinee was modeled after Michael Jackson’s jacket in his Thriller video; but the story behind the Matinee will come next week. We are huge fans of the Matinee here at Purse Blog. I have constantly gotten looks and questions about mine and look forward to grabbing a few more. The bags are practical, chic, and fun. One of my favorite colors, and the perfect color if you want something different but not your typical black, the Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee is the perfect option. This cool shape is made with supple leather and the flaps on the side have a light violet underneath. There is gold hardware, leather pullbacks, and loads of pockets for all of your needs. Buy through Delcina for $655. And if you are looking for another stunning option, the Jade Matinee is expected to ship next week!

Rebecca Minkoff Violet Matinee1

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  • Morgan Horowitz

    I am 18 years old and already trying to save for my third RM bag.
    Can she stop making such cute bags, as I need my money for college?
    The reasoning, “I need something to carry all my stuff in” doesnt really fly anymore :wink:
    Just kidding, but seriously, her bags are amazing.

    Saving up for the wine matinee *sigh*
    and then the violet one?


  • Megusi

    I’ve been liking the Matinee bags, but haven’t given them a second thought. But this colour is the first one to make me love the bag. It’s so perfect it hurts.

  • FashionAddicted

    ^ thats exactly how i feel. at first i didnt think the matinee bags fit me, but after seeing this color…im definately considering it…its so gorgeous!!

  • Lori

    This color is nice, but enough of this bag.

  • Megan

    Ordered my today…can’t wait…

  • Heather M.

    I like the purple but the “jade” RM looks great!

  • mrsshoegal

    I have been debating this bag and with 20% off it seeems like a deal!!

  • Windy

    I’m curious where you are getting the 20% off? Is it a coupon code?

  • Jahpson

    oh wow, that is really cute!!

  • jema

    Enough of this bag already. It’s kind of cute but there’s nothing particularly special about it and it certainly doesn’t warrant it’s current price tag.

  • wgs

    what is the big deal about this bag? it looks blah and simple and doesn’t even look that nice. maybe these bags are geared for teens?

  • chloehandbags

    The colour’s gorgeous, I like the ‘shoulders’ and I like the idea of a bag inspired by the Thriller jacket; but, at the end of the day, the over all design of this bag is very basic (and yet, still, somehow, a little too busy to be beautifully simple) and the HW looks pretty tinny, to me.

    I don’t really see what all the fuss is about, either, to be honest. :???:

  • Jane

    i didn’t really like this bag at first

    but it’s starting to grow on me :lol:

  • Heidi Swanson

    nice one, a different look, a different material, off beat and interesting. Surely, my next buy :)

  • LucianaW

    This is perfect bag to every day…I like the color, is very cool.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I am LOVING RM’s bags lately; pretty soon I’m going to need a second mortgage!

  • momo.chan

    the violet matinee is on sale @ lunaboston for $575! with 20% code “grechen” the total comes to $460! free shipping and no tax either! go go go!

    • ms.bag

      hey i would like to know how you get the 20% code? i saw the rebecca morning after at saks fifth ave today and she was there also and she looks gorgeous, too bad they didnt have the bag in new =[

  • MizzJ

    Sadly though my first impressions of this bag were positive, I’d have to agree with the other comments after reading them. This bag is nice, but not $655 nice! It kinda looks like something you could get in the mall and certainly not worth sacrificing your college tuition savings for Morgan!

  • mette

    This is something I´d never want to buy. It looks as cheap and boring as it is.

    • marie goschin

      you are sooooooooo right, finaly someone with brains and taste

  • Harolyn

    Nice bag but not my style :???:

  • tine

    i’m not sure what to think of this bag really. i just heard that RM’s fall line is not bringing the matinee back. after reading the interview, i guess Becky is going to redevelop it more because it needs to…sorry i’m not feeling this bag whatsoever. but i do like her other styles but tend to be on the heavy side like weight. am i the only one who thinks this??