Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Wine

We’ve now established once and for all where Rebecca Minkoff found inspiration for her Matinee bag.

Michael Jackson Thriller

No doubt! :twisted:

Blame Megs’ aunt Julie for this one. Wish I had a better picture of Michael’s epic shoulder wings!

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  • Marissa

    OOOOOOOW, thats hot!!! :!:

  • Nik Izyan

    no doubt! woo hoo!

  • tiha

    lol. OKAY

  • tiha

    Thanks alot Megs, lol. I was really waiting for the answer to where RM got her inspiration from… lol. You hurt my feelings, :-)

  • hunniebunch

    bwarharharhar!!! :mrgreen:

  • Jane

    LOL :mrgreen:

  • Jamie H

    I KNEW there was something familiar about that bag!

  • jennot


  • chloehandbags

    Shame it’s not as interesting-looking as the jacket… :neutral:

  • gloss

    lol. i like the red tones on both. hawt.

  • VivaGlam

    And here I thought it was Joan Crawford’s shoulder pads.

  • Kindra

    :lol: hahah Brilliant!! I have always been a huge fan of Michael Jacksons, so it’s no wonder that I love this bag. The largeness of it, completes me! haha I can carry my life around in one bag and not have to stress about forgetting something. Its fantastic

  • Jelita78

    yup.. MJ is an inspirational to all..
    no doubt! (ipad)

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