PurseForum Roundup – January 4

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to the first PurseForum Roundup of 2013! Now that the holidays have wound down, many of us are getting back into our routines, and our routine includes a whirlwind tour of the week’s happenings on the PurseForum. Grab a cup of something and come along to see what our members have been up to!

Join us as we ring in 2013 with a brand new Dooney and Bourke subforum! Let’s a peek into the “Which Dooney Are You Carrying Today” thread, where member Jadite wowed us with her bordeaux mini satchel, pictured here. Dooney and Bourke fans are enjoying this new gathering place, and we hope you will stop by for a visit. A new subforum is always something to celebrate!

Popping over to the Glass Slipper to see what’s new in shoes, we spied some new posts in the Chloe Susan-Susanna-Suzanna boot thread. PurseForum members have been wearing these with flair, and showing us how they style these fun and funky boots. Peppers90 picked up a great pair in grey and they’re a match made in heaven they make with her gorgeous Hermes scarf, wouldn’t you agree?

We will bet that a construction site is not something you expected to see on the PurseBlog, right? Over time, the PurseForum has added many lifestyle areas, and the Home and Garden subforum offers a great place to share projects both large and small around the house, including Building a New Home from the Beginning. Longtime member dr. twiggers has taken us along as her VERY large project has gone from vacant lot to drywall, and it looks like her new home is nearing completion. Come on in and cheer her on as she gets closer and closer to move-in day!

Bottega Veneta is of course best known for its incredible woven bags and classic knot clutches, but the brand makes lots of other covetable goodies too. We stopped in to see the latest posts in one of our favorite threads on the PurseForum: the absolutely amazing reference thread dedicated to the unique weaving processes and treatments of this venerable house. Before heading out, we spotted a reveal and were absolutely floored by these stunning tourmaline boots scored by member mnl. Have you gotten acquainted with Bottega Veneta yet?

Are you thinking about improving your health habits in 2013? If you are, you are certainly not alone! The Health and Fitness subforum is absolutely brimming with “healthful” and supportive tips from members. Whether you are thinking of taking up yoga (check out ladysarah’s helpful tips on what to wear), running, a spring slim-down, or even juicing, you will find lots of company to help you on your journey. Here’s to a healthier us in 2013!


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11 years ago

Great blog! I’d forgotten about all the different subforums but will be checking some of them out this year for sure.