PurseForum Roundup – January 18

It’s PurseForum Roundup time! We’re sorry we missed last week, but just because we didnt round it up, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of action on the PurseForum these last two weeks. From Chanel bags to Gucci sandals to the most delicious-looking sushi we could find (seriously, get ready to have a serious craving), we’ve picked the very best of what the Forum has to offer this week. So, with no further ado, let’s jump in and see what’s been going on!

When we need a sparkly pick-me-up, we head straight to the Jewelry Box, and this week, we found a wonderful surprise in the Jewelry Box in Action thread. Lovely member xactreality flashed her stunning Frey Wille enamel right hand ring, and truth be told, this unique piece stopped us dead in our tracks. If you love fine enamel jewelry, be sure to also visit the Ode to the Enamels thread in Hermès, too!

We like to call it the “New Shooze” thread, but it’s properly called Post Your Newest Shoe Purchases. This venerable Glass Slipper staple always resides near the top of the list, owing to fabulous purchase reveals like the one pictured here. Member theYoungandChic scored these fantastic Gucci platforms, and we all love when a PurseForum member finds their Holy Grail shoes! Do you have any New Shooze to share with a VERY appreciative audience? We certainly hope so!

What is your “comfort” bag? A smooshy bag that just makes you feel comfy and cozy just by looking at it? We all certainly have one, and PurseForum member eehlers captured the spirit of hers perfectly in the Linea Pelle Bag of the Day thread with this great armchair shot. Also, if smooshy woven bags are more your style (or if you like monkey bread) visit this yummy thread in Bottega Veneta. Delicious!

We often need inspiriation with our fashion choices, and some of us need inspiration in the Kitchen, too. Whether it’s to plan a meal, get cooking tips, find a restaurant review, or make a healthy snack, our Kitchen subforum is multicultural, multinational, and multi-licious! “What did you eat today?” is never more beautifully answered than in this timeless thread. This week, PurseForum member sweetpea83 quite literally had us grabbing our keys and heading straight to the sushi bar with this post. We hope you will stop by the Kitchen and let it work its magic on you – we promise it will.

We love blue, so when we spotted this cheerful shot in the Chanel Mini Flap thread, we ended up spending some quality time in this keystone subforum. The Chanel subforum always crackles with the excitement of a new purchase, but it’s also a valuable resource into the history and particulars of this iconic house. Be sure to check out the color library if you love color as much as we do! And whether you are new to the brand or a seasoned afficianado, you will surely expand your knowledge in the reference library. Be sure to take a shopping break, though!


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