Another week has flown by, and of course Friday means the Weekly Roundup of some of our favorite PurseForum conversations. Can you believe that we are a week into December already? As expected, members have been discussing shopping, winter wear, family gatherings and issues, travel, beauty, shoes, and everything in between. Let’s get on with the Roundup of some of this week’s highlights!

Things have really been humming in The Glass Slipper, particularly in the Valentino Clubhouse. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so let’s just say the Valentino sales are well underway and our members have been quick to pounce on, and to reveal, some wonderful bargains. Member jadacee found these spectacular boots right after we went to press with last week’s Roundup, and from there on the thread ramps up with some amazing deals and delightful eye candy. Be sure to check out paternka‘s gorgeous new Rockstuds on page 193.

This week’s announcement of Alexander Wang as the new Creative Director of Balenciaga got us wondering what PurseForum members think of the changes ahead for this design house. Members have been sharing their thoughts about the future of Balenciaga here. What do you think of the decision? By the way, have you seen our Balenciaga spy pic thread – “Balenciaga sighting yesterday, was it YOU?” Member pinkelephant721 found this fun thread this week and shared her own collection of spy pics. Has your Bal been spotted?

It’s beginning to look a lot like….well….Christmas of course! PurseForum members are gearing up for the holidays and livening up the Christmas Tree Thread in the Home and Garden subforum. This thread is understandably quiet most of the year, but right around now it gets bumped up as members post their beautiful trees and other holiday decorations. Purse-nality‘s gorgeous gold and white tree, pictured above, really got us in the holiday (OK, make that holiday shopping) mood. Will you be decorating for Christmas this year? If you are, we hope you will post a photo of your tree for us all to see!

Popping into any of the various “recent purchases” never disappoints, even if we happen to be on a budget, or, heaven forbid, a shopping ban (it happens, believe us!). Anytime, anywhere, seeing the reveals and the modeling pictures of new purchases is always exciting and inspiring. The enthusiasm of our members is contagious, even if we are not in shopping mode. We took a little trip over to the Chanel subforum, and as usual, we were immediately struck by some beautiful new acquisitions in the December purchases thread. If you want to see what this gorgeous box is hiding, head over to page 10 and have a look. Before you go, can you guess what lucky member laarny added to her collection this week?

We enjoy a leisurely browse through the Wardrobe subforum several times a week (at least). While it’s easy to get into the habit of just checking our favorite brand or lifestyle subforum, the Wardrobe is always full of surprises, and our browsing time there is always well-spent. We noticed the Alexander McQueen thread was heating up this week, and sure enough, a peek inside revealed that member authenticplease had stumbled upon a treasure trove of AM goodies (on sale!) at her local store. Her excitement is certainly infectious, and it begins right here.

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