While this year many of us celebrated differently than we have in years past, scaling back our gatherings or cancelling them all together, the holiday season has still been a time for us to be thankful for our families both near and far. One of the ways in which we show or gratitude for those that are most special to us is giving gifts. And while sometimes it can be the small gestures that mean a lot or simply the thought behind a gift, as handbag lovers we can all appreciate receiving (or gifting ourselves) a little bit of luxury during the holiday season. Though I discussed earlier this month that bags just haven’t excited me as much this year as in years past, I did gift myself a new carry this holiday season that I have yet to fully divulge to you all.

Over the summer when lockdown restrictions in NYC had eased up a bit and I began to take part in more outdoor activities I realized that the bags I was reaching for had less to do with my overall outfit and more to do with the function they served. Additionally, as I began to dress a lot more casually than ever before, I realized a need in my collection for an everyday bag that was more sporty in style than some of my other carries. I slowly started toying with the idea of a nylon bag, purely for its easy to clean nature and dressed down characteristics and of course I immediately thought of Prada’s iconic Nylon. I toyed with the idea of a Prada Nylon messenger or a backpack, but when I brought home my French bulldog puppy Dudley in November, I knew a belt bag was the way to go purely because tending to a tiny puppy requires my hands to be free at all times!

I consulted the resale market as I wanted to stay within a budget and I was able to gift myself a Prada Montagna Tessuto Nylon belt bag just in time for Christmas. It arrived in early December and although it’s not the most exciting or stunning new carry, it is incredibly functional and I am really happy with my purchase. It’s larger inside than I thought it would be (truthfully I wish it was a tad smaller) and I love that there are two small pockets on either side of the main compartment. I use the tiny pockets to store my keys for easy access which makes life with my new little monster much easier. While I hope that 2021 brings me a fun new carry I am happy with the bag I gifted myself this season and the best part is I know it will get a lot of use (really, it already has!).

What did you get this holiday season?


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