The Chanel Boy Bag continues to sell briskly and inspire lust in consumers all over the world, and in response to the demand, Chanel has produced the bag in a wide variety of colors, sizes and materials. You immediately get classic Chanel vibes when you see the Boy Bag, but it’s more casual and approachable than some of the brand’s more traditional offerings.

I have a Boy Bag and love it, and now I want more. With so many options to choose from, I want to hear which color you’d pick from the Metallic Chanel Boy Bag rainbow. Let us know in the comments below!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Nívia

    None, I don’t like Chanel Boy bag at all. Sorry!

    • Marnie

      Ditto, plus its metallic sheen. No way.

  • anna

    all of them !!!!

  • c.Miller

    Which boy bag did you choose? I remember seeing a post of you and your moms but didn’t know which one was yours!

    I just got mine last week and went with the small size in black caviar with the classic hardware. It was a really tough decision between the small and M/L size but I felt the small was the perfect cross body. Now I feel the same way and want another!!! :)

  • missarewa


  • Andrea

    Pink or blue.

  • bb

    blue is on my wish list

  • Bo

    Oh my… This would be a difficult decision, but I’d pick the orange/tangerine color.

  • laura


  • FashionableLena

    I don’t really care for the Boy bag, but I do love that metallic pink.

  • Leila ali

    Why no one picks red?? I love it!

    • Ploy Juntavee

      I pick red too! :)

  • PJGambler

    I’d buy the grey/silver one as I have a traditional red flap Chanel, and they are very close in size and shape-also like the ocean blue one.

  • CC

    I need a pink one badly. I’d even trade in my medium classic flap for it. Crazy, I know. Lol.

  • Paris

    Black would look nice, if there were one.

  • Carmen


  • Pennylane22


  • Blue or orange!

  • Sandra luna

    Silver o red

  • abigail

    pink or silver! or both together!!


    I like silver, it is all-match color. But I think I will be hesitated when I decide to buy one chanel bag.

  • ellavanw

    I just bought a dark red (non metallic) boy WOC and I love love love it. The dark red is much more versatile than I expected. I wear a lot of neutrals (black, grey, navy) and it goes with all of them.

  • Cara M

    Don’t love the metallic’s as much, although silver is beautiful. There is a picture of SJP from about a year ago with a purple boy bag. I dream about that bag. Gorgeous!

    • c.Miller

      The velvet one? SO gorgeous.

      • Cara M

        Yes! That’s the one. LOVE!


    Fantastic… what a set!

  • I really love the Chevron Boy from pre fall. When I was in Paris two weeks ago I saw one but I couldn’t decide what Boy I wanted. I went instead with the more classic Chevron flap for my first Chanel bag. But I do need a Boy bag in my life asap!

  • Voluptuous Rainbows! Very colorful handbags.

  • anouk


  • Easily the silver one. It gives off the vibe as a ‘neutral’ and it’s edgy at the same time. J’adore.

  • snowtigr


  • Jacqueline

    Je adore the Silver. Bags gorgeous. Still saving for my first! Though I’m also partial to the gold/ yellow and pink colored ones. Let’s face it. With Chanel every color is rich and luxurious even in more casual bag!!:)

  • privldz

    Pink or red….and silver

  • Dina

    None of the metallics

  • Susie

    Red, blue, or pink!

  • Rumonda

    I like the metallic,pink, and red bag of course!!!????

  • Tracey

    Yellow or blue wow

  • LuxBagLVr


  • Bombdigety

    Red. Though lord knows that I could keep working hard every day for the rest of my life and I will still never afford to own a real Chanel bag.

  • Pamela

    I will gladly take any of those.. TBH

  • Kellygirl

    I’m on the hunt for the new med black caviar boy bag. The color of the hardware doesn’t mater. Also there is a beautiful blue color that would work. I love red but it has to be a deep blue red no orange in it. I am a LV girl, but obsessed with this handbag.
    What is the difference between the calf leather vs. lambskin? I have learned a bit about it but would like to learn more. Thank you for listening.

  • red and blue :)

  • Nico

    The silver leather…Warhol hello