Years from now fashion insiders and handbag lovers will likely look back at Daniel Lee as one of the major change makers of modern fashion. The designer’s incredibly unique approach towards design and innovation has made waves since Lee’s appointment two and a half years ago. Responsible for a slew of current accessory trends, including coveted shoe and handbag silhouettes, Lee is single-handedly changing modern fashion, one Pouch bag at time.

On of the most of-the-moment handbag trends is chunky chain straps and detailing and the movement can be traced back to Lee himself, who helped catapult the chain game to popularity when he introduced new versions of two already coveted shapes: the Pouch and the Padded Cassette. These bags took the chain detail to the next level, spawning a revolution of sorts as suddenly thick, chunky chains began popping up more and more on bags from contemporary and indie bag brands to premium designers alike.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2021

This trend seems to be sticking around, at least for now with more designers introducing their own versions of these back-breaking bags like Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Staud and more. Incredibly cool and eye-catching, as more and more premium and luxury designers buy into this trend the ride is only just beginning.

Though it may be here to stay (for now) this edgy cool-girl trend will eventually reach its peak and die down. So if you’re itching for a chain gang membership buyer-beware: trends eb and flow and there may come a time when you won’t want to carry a bag that weighs more than its contents.

However if you’re still itching for one of these currently coveted silhouettes, now would be the time to add to cart so you can ride out the wave of this trend, chunky chain in hand. Keep in mind that any trend driven item may not yield as great of a return on the resale market in a few years, so it’s wise not to think of your purchase as a financial investment.


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