The Latest Prada Galleria Bag Is a Modern Take on a House Classic

And I am obsessed.

If you’re a fan of designer handbags or fashion in general, then it’s likely that you either owned a Prada Galleria, lusted after a Prada Galleria, or at least are familiar with the ever-popular silhouette. Created in 2007, the Galleria is rich in Prada history, synonymous with the same precise craftsmanship, undeniable style, and timelessness that the House itself is known for.

Its unmistakable shape has remained a mainstay for 15 years and truly encompasses everything in which Prada’s DNA is rooted. Now, the Galleria gets its most modern makeover yet, expertly combining its commitment to innovation with traditionalism—and we can’t get enough.

The Galleria, Reinvented

The Galleria has become one of the House’s most sought-after bags, and rightfully so, but the latest Galleria is truly one to note. The structured silhouette is recreated season after season, and this time it offers Prada’s refreshed take on its most important House symbol, the Prada Triangle. Combined with an iconic House silhouette, the Prada Galleria in jacquard is a true marriage of classic and modern.

Sleek yet pragmatic, it’s reminiscent of the classic Prada we know and love while feeling contemporary and fresh simultaneously. It’s this innovation that Prada is committed to, and its latest Galleria pulls it all together so well.

The Prada Triangle

Taking direct inspiration from Prada’s most important House symbol, the Prada Symbole bags, which were introduced earlier this spring, reinvent the iconic Triangle for the modern-day. This luxurious jacquard, geometric yet refined, is a new type of logo for the House of Prada, and now it has made its way onto the Prada Galleria, and it works oh so well.

The Galleria is a true classic, a shape that will never go out of style, and owning one is like owning a small piece of Prada’s rich story. Shop Prada Symbole bags via Prada and discover the new Galleria below.

Prada Galleria Symbole 1
Prada Symbole Galleria

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2 years ago

Love love love Prada and especially love this bag ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Laura W
Laura W
1 year ago

Wow. $4100 for a fabric jacquard bag. That’s pretty steep.