The Triangle Takes Center Stage on the New Prada Symbole Bags

Modern and unique, these bags delight.

The importance of the triangle, which many say to be the strongest shape in nature, is integral to the House of Prada. The Prada triangle was introduced on trunks designed by Mario Prada and quickly became engrained in the brand’s DNA. Though simple in theory, the Prada triangle denotes unique modernity that is both universal and minimalist. The brand is constantly reinventing the triangle seasonally, and you’ll see new ways the triangle is worked into everything from bags to shoes to clothing and more.

This season, the triangle has been reinvented yet again with a two-tone geometric design that leaves us with a clean, neutral, and elevated pattern that sits atop sleek handbags. Introducing the new Prada Symbole Bags, a contemporary twist on classic shapes with an eye-catching pattern.

The combination of the geometric motif and the black and tan colorway allows these bags to seamlessly integrate into your spring, summer, and beyond wardrobe. There’s neutrality to the colors, allowing these bags to pair well with everything from clean white dresses to bright, eye-catching colors. And while the style is distinct and eye-catching, the versatility of the bags makes them even more covetable. They’re light, functional, and adaptable to carry your necessities and more. Bold colors continue to reign supreme for spring and summer dressing, so we opted to show these bags with a palette of vibrant hues.

We’ll start with the smallest size of this bag, the Prada Symbole Jacquard Fabric Micro Bag. Though tiny in size, this bag remains quite functional. The top handles are crafted from Saffiano leather, and there is an optional and adjustable shoulder strap. On the inside, you’ll find a nylon lining and a patch pocket. Though small in size, this bag still fits your phone and other compact essentials, which is a must for me. Dimensions are 19cm H x 6cm L x 17cm W.

The next size of this bag is the version I would use most, and it has everything in a bag I adore. The Small Prada Symbole Jacquard Fabric Handbag offers the classic tote shape in that just-right size, you know, the size that fits everything you want without being too large or too small. You are also offered a detachable and adjustable 110 cm Saffiano leather shoulder strap. Each of these bags features a removable leather keychain crafted from Saffiano leather as well. You’ll find a nylon lining and one open and one zipper pocket on the inside. Dimensions are 22cm H x 9cm L x 28cm W.

The largest size of the tote is ideal for your everyday carrying (if you need to bring more along with you) and also works well as a travel bag. The Large Prada Symbole Jacquard Fabric Handbag is sleek and functional, think ideal for everything from your summer getaways or back to the office. A few major things to note include the Saffinao leather detailing and the overall lightness of this bag. Though it doesn’t have an optional shoulder strap, the double top handles fit easily over your arm, and the fabric allows the bag to be quite light. The interior features a Prada logo-print nylon lining with one open and one zippered pocket. Dimensions are 31cm H x 11cm L x 39cm W.

If you’re looking to add color to your wardrobe, Prada has something for you. I quickly became enamored with the orange set featured, it was light (made from silk), and the pop of color makes a splash. There’s also this simple and chic green dress and if you want a new pair of shoes, swipe through to see our picks!

Discover the new Prada Symbole Bags now!

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