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  • I think Prada needs to just go back to making nylon bags and maybe raincoats

  • FashionableLena

    I guess that over-the-top handbag will be all the rage. Most of what we’ve seen has been overly embellished, designed, and printed. Number 26 is my favorite, and I like the clutches.
    I guess that the inside out bag is over?

    • mary

      hallelujah! Inside bag no more

  • psny15

    i think its time miuccia prada hires an accessories designer! nothing is new in any bag and that strap this is just awkward

    cmon, im ready for prada to make a comeback!

  • Lori

    Prada needs to stop already with that horrid logo and redesign it. Take a tip from Celine – tiny gold stamp only. I like #12, but again, not with that garish logo. (Reminds me of the horse and carriage logo that Coach needs to also get rid of).

  • ECooper

    I consider myself a “Prada person” but these are not attractive. What’s the deal? Giant clutches, annoyingly long straps, and ugly color/leather combinations. Gucci, Fendi, and Dior are so much better now, imo.

    • psny15

      Im also a prada fan so this is very disappointing – it started with the ugly inside bag and kept going down hill

  • TexasST

    I am really torn with this collection, I sort of like it but I think the extra long tongue would just get in the way most of the time. The satchel is giving me a Coach vibe…

  • Monica

    The only bag I like is 23. The rest is weird in some details. I saw BV 2017 collection just a minute ago and it is a sky better than Prada.

  • Lisa

    That awkward long strap seems to have been designed only to be different. It just makes no sense and I imagine it will get bent/damaged easily. #26 was my favorite color combo but reminds me of the Saint Laurent Duffel 6, which is much nicer IMHO.

    • Sparky

      Exactly my first impression. One trip in a taxi and those stiff straps will be bent in half. Maybe “de-intellectualize” is fashion speak for “impractical”.
      No matter how innovative a design, at the end of the day product is purchased and used by ordinary people who need functionality and some degree of practicallity.

    • psny15

      i totally agree – this is too gimmicky but in a bad way (chanel did lego and it was gimmicky in a good way)

  • Gigi

    Prada is going downhill fast


    Awkward colors combo, boring printing & ugly long tongue! Too sad!

  • lavinia

    Love love love Prada now and always!

  • chae

    meh…. it will be a while for me to start taking an interest in Prada.

  • mary

    slide #19 looks like something died on the bag

  • Sara

    too much going on

  • Sandy

    IMO many designers are trying to emulate what Allessandro Michele has done at Gucci and it’s not working. (Whimsical fun that exudes luxury is difficult to do). That long strap/tongue thing on some of the bags is impractical and unappealing.

  • Aoedele

    One of each please, thank you!

  • Oksana Ribakova

    In my opinion they are very beautiful and unique. Needs to add the removable chain to strap.