Not long ago, Megs ran an informal poll of our wonderful Twitter followers to find out what trends they thought were so five minutes ago. Based on the responses I read, fringe was an overwhelming favorite (if you can legitimately refer to something everyone wishes would go away forever as a “favorite” in any context), but don’t tell that to the fine folks at Prada.

I’ve been very up on the brand recently, as my previous posts about Prada’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection would indicate, but the Prada Vitello Shine Fringe Satchel makes me feel like 2008 just came back and hit me in the face.

There are only three good things about this bag, and they are as follows:

1. It’s black and black is fairly unoffensive.
2. The leather is probably nice.
3. It probably won’t give you VD.

Other than that, it’s all kinds of fail. Not only is fringe basically over, but Prada chose to implement it in what appears to be the messiest, least aesthetically appealing way possible. If they want some advice on how to update this tired trend, they should go talk to Nanette Lepore before doing something like this again. And now, for the final assault on good taste: this thing costs $2750 via Saks.

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  • scorpio

    Yikes! definetley a fail! there’s a right way on pulling off fringe AND there is a wrong way,
    and this is wrong!

  • Lorie

    Looks like it needs a haircut. That’s just butt ugly.

  • Musius

    OOOPS! Prada did it again! why the heck did they think fringes could get a comeback so soon? now that’s Fashion Epic Fail!

  • coco

    i just bought that bag!!! :(

    • If you like it, rock it. I like stuff all the time that lots of people hate, that’s pretty well-documented. Your bag doesn’t need to make anyone happy but you.

      • coco


  • Fiona-Brasil

    I like it except for the price…If it was more like $1.750, the fringe would join her companions in my closet!But there are other priorities in the bag department…

  • Stacy

    Hmmmm…I saw something that looked just like this on the back of a Harley a few days ago…not kidding…could it have been this bag? They passed us while driving so I couldn’t get a good look at it (logowise) but it could have been. Oh well, while it is interesting to look at, it’s just not my taste.

    Coco, I agree completely with Amanda, if you love it that’s all that counts. My tastes are not everyone else’s either. I tried to give a green gucci bag to a relative and they turned their nose up at and said it was fugly. Go figure. To each their own!!!

  • louch

    WOW! Lots happening. Not my thing at all. But like Amanda says, Coco, if you like the bag then GO FOR IT!

  • MAX


  • Demi

    I don’t like the bag AT ALL!!! I hate fringe and I’d never buy an item with fringe all over it…
    However, if someone really likes it and wants to buy it, then – as others have said before – go for it! Taste is totally subjective!

  • Florence

    This bag is cool. I think it suits those women who are rocker type. I still prefer the simple yet eye-catching look of Louis Vuitton handbags.

  • Irene

    I actually really like it! It’s so fashion forward I think. But then again my bags are not usually everyone#s favorite!

  • Jelita78

    i may sound like an idiot, but what’s a VD actually? (ipad)