Prada Velluto Wristlet Pouch

My opinion on these new little wristlets from Prada is yet to be determined. Part of me looks at them and merely sees a stage prop perfectly suited for Shakespeare in the park. The other part of me thinks the colors are drab, materials are not feasible, and price is outlandish. Both of the Prada Velluto Wristlet Pouch are designed with velvet which is a material little known to the modern handbag market.

One is made with mustard velvet and the other with a gold velvet design on top of a blue satin body. That is just it, the mustard, is a color which at times can look beautiful on leather but looks like a baby’s diaper in velvet. Both have a drawstring cinch at the top and a wrist strap. The more I think and talk about it the more this piece has shown me it is fit as a prop and not much else. Dimensions are 6″W X 8″H X 5″D. Buy the designed version for $450 via Saks and the mustard version for $395 via Saks.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • otter

    Slow handbag day I see.

  • Emily

    I actually kind of like the blue satin one! The mustard one is ridiculous though.

  • Total slow day!!!

  • Merve

    when i saw the picture my first reaction was ewwww yuck.

  • papertiger

    I’d never buy a bag I could make better!

  • Gina

    Definetely not worth the money, but the blue one is cute.

  • Rach

    Reminds me of a gorgeous $15 red velvet bag from Target that I like to carry around Christmas – total no-name bag that gets non-stop compliments. These are cute in the same vein, but so very overpriced considering the material and construction. These could be made with $10 in materials and a sewing machine in a basic sewing class.

  • 19yearslater

    Nice for Lady Macbeth, not so much for real people.

  • Talita

    Have you seen the one that comes in leather and studs? It’s gorgeous

  • TNN

    Pouch bags are HUGE this season. Its in vogue. Marykate Olsen Erin Wasson were seen carrying prada pouch bags. I want the red velvet!!

    • Karen

      Love it in black velvet..! so classy is timeless great for a night out…versatile enough..Great deal for the Prada you can’t go wrong…!!

  • Kelly

    Great pouch…! Got it at Neiman’s and I think is sold out in black…I get looks when I wear it out..out of the ordinary as everyone is wearing clutches at night…very Italian..!!