Prada Stripes Multicolor Small Hobo
Prada Stripes Multicolor Small Hobo

On Friday night my parents had a dinner party that Vlad and I attended. Of course all of my moms friends know that I am the ‘bag lady’ and many times they ask me what I think of their handbag. The same handbag-loving-friend of my mom who carried the Michael Kors Watchband Clutch to the last event we saw her at was again carrying a new stunner. As she walked in the house and greeted us, my eyes were drawn to her Prada bag and as I stared at the bag I instantly fell in love. She was carrying the Prada Stripes Multicolor Small Hobo in the turquoise-violet combination which looked divine and really was the perfect size. The small version adds the right amount of color splash and spunk, while not taking away from the overall outfit or look. The leather is supple Nappa, which is smooshy to the touch and perfect to showoff the colors. The top handle and shoulder strap are detachable, but I loved this being carried with the small top handle. Dimensions are 9½”W X 7″H X 3½”D. I first posted about the Prada Trembled Blossoms Bag and found it captivating yet pricey for the small size. Now I find it captivating, pricey for its size, but worth it. Buy through Saks for $1675.

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  • asil

    gorgeous, but as you said, a little too pricey for the size and the fact that its also a trendy bag… I LOVE IT though and I would love to get purchase it if my funds would allow me :)

  • janis

    I saw this bag recently in both colors at Saks. It is small! Too trendy for me as well…

  • Olga

    this bag is hideous, it looks like something a clown would wear…

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I did not like it when I first saw it on the web but in personal, it’s actually quite interesting and fun. Leather is very very soft. I am hoping to find the leather strip clutch in the eggplant, yes single color only. It’s more my style.

    • morgan

      i think it would be really pretty in a single color :)

  • Jahpson


  • shan

    personally… i LOVE it! now, if i just had some extra cash…

  • Windy

    I have loved this bag from the moment I first saw it a few months ago! I love any accessory that has a little (or alot) extra something going on with it….

  • longchamp

    Too trendy and for the very young like 21.

  • mave

    yah.. i can’t decide to love or hate it

    it looks cheery.. but at the same time, looks like colours on a clown’s bloomers

  • MissLoveChanel

    I think this bag is fun and distinctive but, as usual for Prada, stratoshperically priced. They need to cut all their prices across the board by about 1/3. Just one person’s opinion.

  • Olivia

    My favorite bag from Prada.

  • Dossary

    vere beautiful colors , and pepole differ in tastis

    thank you