prada ombre patent leather tote

Prada hit huge with their Gauffre bags last season, and are trying to go big again with fading colors this season. But is the fade going to make a huge comeback? The Prada Ombre Patent Leather Tote is offered in a red version, that fades from black to red to white, and a black version that fades from black to gray to white. Black leather trim and pull tabs accent the patent leather body along with silver tone hardware. There is chunky buckle detailed top handles and a removable buckle detailed shoulder strap. I love the two front key fobs, which include a removable buckle-detailed logo tag with cruise ship motif. The tote is great, even the patent leather is a winner, but what are your thoughts on the fade? Will it be a huge hit for Prada or an over-priced miss? Buy via Saks Fifth Ave for $2270.

Fab or Drab?

The black to white fade version below.

prada ombre patent leather tote1

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  • DRAB!!! i think this bag is ugly!! the black to white is much better than the red one. at least the black to white fades nicely. but these bags are hideous, its actually not a bad shape but it is ruined by the ugly fading colors.

  • luce


  • alice

    drab! very tacky, but the black one is better, if anything..

  • lisa

    drab..the shape is nice, but the color horrible!

  • kateholli

    DRAB, reminds me of our (German) flag, which I would not carry around either if it it’s not soccer world cup…

  • human_pudding

    I actually think it’s pretty interesting. I have been seeing different stuff from Prada that uses fading like this. Sometimes it’s the colors that are fading, other times it’s the textiles being used, and I think it’s pretty experimental, but pretty. I know that some people will disagree with me here, but I think it’s fab. I get the feeling that Miuccia Prada is one step ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to fashion sense.

  • W

    A big no thanks. It looks like someone attacked the bag with spray paint.

  • janis

    :shock: Yuck. One step ahead or not, This is just ugly. The things designers try to get us to buy!

  • Joan Brakeley

    FAB DRAB great shape, difficult colors. Fade too great, less would of been more.

  • lovelyloey

    EW. Hate the red one. The black one is barely passable.

  • mave


  • Edelmira Anderson

    DRAB!!!!!!! This bag is shit-ious! It looks like it is from the 1990’s 0r 80’s or something.

  • Otter

    What a feeling! Flashdance.

  • suzana

    DRAB!!! i might take the black one for free. Couldn’t pay me to take the red one.

  • rosa

    totally drab!!

  • duncan_

    They are Fabulous!!IMO.I can understand why most people seem dislike it due to the edgyness, not everyone can pull it off. I would love to have the black and white one!!

  • lauren

    I like them as well. They are different and fun, although I do prefer the black and white one.

  • Iwantajobinfashion

    The bags are pretty ugly. But ugly can rock! One just has to know how to carry it off. Then again, one might argue, that for a pricetag like this you shouldn’t be expected to MAKE it work. I should just work, period. I like a little challenge. But I’ll take a pass on this one.
    For more fashion dilemmas visit me anytime:

  • Highmaintenance

    :???: OUTRAGEOUS!

  • devone

    ill take the ombre anytime. It is edgy, cool and the anti-thesis of the elegant prada bags we have seen from miucca. I want to theme this with a mohair sweater in biscuit and dark rinse jeans. the shape is fabulous and it looks so great.

  • Nere

    this is what I call beautiful ugly.

  • Margarita

    DRAB, although the black one could be cute with the right outfit. The red, black and white one is just tacky. Cute style bag though!

  • Rose

    Give me! I love it. It’s edgy and different. I like to stand out.

  • Debbie

    Love it! Very edgy. My teenage daughter hopes it is a flop so she can buy it at a deep discount.

  • babypie


  • Katie Hart

    The red one is horrible but with the right outfit the black/white one can look really good!!!

  • borsamania

    I don’t know…but for me it’s not the best creation of this season :shock:

  • Vicky

    DRAB…..It’s ugly

  • amy

    im sorry, but i LIKE IT!

  • ashley

    i’de carry the red one. i think its different.

  • Juliana

    I think they are fabulous, beautiful and interesting. fashion is about change, you need to educate your eye.

  • Graciella

    Love it, not the red one, but the blackish one. Love love love it!

  • stephanie

    I just bought this bag, the black that fades into the grayish color from neimans last week, and as many of you that say its ugly, I have ppl stopping me left and right telling me how hot it is……… :lol:

  • Chi

    definitly, it looks so cheap & tacky.

  • debbie

    For everyone saying this bag is ugly… Have you seen it in the store it is beautiful…..Very expensive, I think but it is lamb skin. I looked at the black and it is a hott bag…unless you are a “old bag”?

  • debbie

    For everyone saying this bag is ugly… Have you seen it in the store it is beautiful…..Very expensive, I think but it is lamb skin. I looked at the black and it is a hott bag…unless you are a “old bag”? :oops:

  • marisasa

    :grin: :grin: omg i love both they are sooooo cute!!!! B-E-U-T-I-F-U-L!

  • Alina

    FAB!!! I L-O-V-E this!!!
    I’m not a fan of the red version but the Blk fade to silver is GORGEOUS!

  • hc1871

    I just got this bag in the red and I have to say it is by far the best bag I own now. I love the color. For all of you who do not like it….have in seen it IRL? I would say from the photo that I would not be too impressed as well but this bag in person is hot! It is not black to red to white. It is a dark plum/eggplant, to a cranberry red, to a silver. I will post photos of it on me on the purse forum

    • Jan

      I really love this bag, the red one of course. Enjoy!

  • Jan

    I agree – but, red is always fab!

  • roborange

    For the next six months, it is FAB!

  • jean-michel

    FAB!!! And I’ve just ordered a men’s messenger bag that fades from black to grey. It’s fresh, edgy and like aforementioned, experimental and one step ahead of the rest. This will be a classic!

  • Lisa

    I LOVE IT!!! I live in a big city where fashion is a must and the neighborhood I live in consists of a lot of celebs. I own the black and white one and let me just say, I went to a political campaign a while back and I received SO MANY compliments along with everyone wanting to know where they could purchase the black/white.

    I am not big on the red fading one, but that’s because I could never do red myself. However, I really love the black/white!

  • Jean-Michel

    I’ve finally got the “laptop” bag early December and I get compliments every single time I leave the house with it.

  • Alyssa

    :razz: FABULOUS. I love this abg i like the red the best.It goes with my school colors. i think it is different and it looks really cool. :mrgreen:

  • j

    loooove it!!! tyra banks has one fierrceee :lol:

  • Line

    I LOVE IT! saw it first time in Copenhagen last fall and i fell in love! cant stop thinking about it… the black one that is, and the Vernice bowler bag insted of the tote!
    I need it…anyone for free?! ;)

  • nk

    i was catering at a womens event and they had so many fakes. But this one stood out. Ugh I hate fakes