prada nappa mini clutch
Prada Nappa Mini Clutch

I have been a long time fan of Prada bags, but as of recently have not been completely and totally drawn into any of their bags (ok, we all know I loved the Prada Fairy bag but after the bleeding debacle I am somewhat over it). There is something about a simple, chic, feminine bag that really grabs me and reels me right in. The price is always taken into consideration, because while I wish I had an unlimited budget, many things take precedence over my handbag collection. So when I see a great bag, and an even better price, I am easily able to justify it to myself. Take the cute little Prada Nappa Mini Clutch for example. It is small but great to go to the bar and even better to throw in your larger bag (dimensions are 7¾”W X 4¼”H X 1″D). The bag is designed with nappa leather and features a bow detail on the front. Sure it is small, but it is unbelievably cute and hard to pass up. Available in pink and black through Saks for $395.

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  • LucianaW

    I agree with you Megs, it´s great for events or bar….anyway, so cute!!! The celebrites in Brazil love this Prada´s clutch. :grin:

  • asil

    I love it, I ordered it the moment I saw it in Saks

  • william

    I like the simple design but wished it came in colours other than pink. The pink is cute, but I don’t think it would look appropriate on a grown woman.

  • emotus

    I love this clutch! Esp the black and pink combo!

  • Andrea

    I think it would be a cute accessories bag for travel. As a clutch it seems a little small…

  • VegasDiva

    Thanks for the Great info Megs, just ordered it :grin:

  • seo Tools

    Ist ein tolles Design mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail und Einzigartig in seiner Form, Beschaffenheit und mit Sicherheit bestimmt eine hervorragende 1 A. super Qualität, aber leid für mich etwas zu klein.. Beneidenswert sind die denen die Größe ausreicht. :lol:

  • hal

    oh in pink and black, i saw bottle green and orange as well at my local prada store….very cute and suprisingly grown up
    and very very versatile. I would grab this to go the hypermart, just keys, my cell and id then later throw in mints and some spare change before heading out for some martinis….in a pink pucci sheath and musa flat sandals….and chloe’s paulo melim 70’s concentric dark glasses but of course….. :cool:

  • tulip618

    I partically love the black and hot pink bow combo!!!! Too cute!!!

  • Allie

    This is adorable! im in love.

  • tia

    omgoodness, i love the color and the shape !

  • inger

    I loooooooooooooooooove this cute prada bag!!!