Prada Leather Envelope Bag

You know something that really grinds my gears… when a store advertises a bag a certain way, and then you later realize there are various parts you have to buy to make it look that way. I know it is all about presentation. But even online? You mean to tell me that online they do that too? Well they do. I ran into this Prada Leather Envelope Bag and thought it was so tastefully done. But read the specs a little further to see that the butterfly trick is sold separately. Is that not false advertisement?? (Ok it’s not since they mention that it is sold separately but still the picture really got my hopes up high) The rest of the bag is really quite cute. It is made of gold leather, with a detachable silver chain strap, and silver metal hardware. The dimensions of this little one are 5″H x 7 4/5″W. The leather bag is actually quite reasonably priced for Prada, $334 via Neiman Marcus, and the butterfly trick (which adds such a beautiful touch to the bag) is of course a whopping $138 also through Neiman Marcus.

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  • chemlex

    Simply Gorgeous! And the charm makes the bag (and it’s much cuter than those stupid Robot charms they were hawking a while ago).

    Bag charms are the latest thing, I guess, but why do they have to be so damn expensive? It’s just a keychain, and even though I can easily blow hundreds on a lovely bag, there is no way in hell I will pay more than 30 bucks for a keychain. Does anyone else feel the same way?

  • Roy

    The bag is the cutest, and that butterfly totally makes the bag special!


  • Tara

    That’s hot!!!!

  • Whitney

    i actually prefer the bag without the butterfly. the butterfly makes it look cheap, in my opinion. or maybe just like a dumb person would buy it.

  • Shirley

    What do you think of Francesca Biasia bags? I don’t seem to see them at all in your Blog.

  • amanda

    With the butterfly the bag looks like something my child would want to stick her Barbie dolls into. Without the butterfly, it would look classic.

  • chemlex

    wow, I didn’t think the charm would turn so many people off. I like how the gold and the silver bullets match the bag and the orange/red pops out but still complements the gold.

    Unfortunately, though, Mariah Carey kinda ruined butterflies – they’ve gotten the rep that only immature and crazy people can pull them off.

  • billyjoe


  • kaitlyn


  • mecca

    Biasia bags are so hot, and functional. Try the secret love collection at Nordie’s

  • Zippy

    Lose the butterfly, in fact, why waste money on a fad?. I have a fondness for the clutch and will leave the chain at home.

  • Fiona

    this bag is cute and i luv da butterfly!!

  • ania

    it looks cheap and disgusting.

  • Kat

    Has anyone ever seen a chanel envelope bag?

  • Sue

    I’ve got a chanel envelope bag – I’ve been trying to get some info on it. It is in the shape of an envelope and has the chanel address embroidered in silver on the front, with a chanel style postage stamp. Has anyone ever seen one of these before? Any ideas when it would have been made?

  • Naggy

    If you like boxes with chains, you’ll like this one. (ipad)

  • KY

    I like it, except for the butterfly. (ipad)