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  • Charlie

    I just don’t like it, looks very messy to me

  • Y Ajayi

    The leather looks nice maybe…? That’s it for me, I am not a fan.

  • justa9url

    I’m still not a fan…

  • Sandy

    I looked at it a couple weeks ago…I do not share your love of the bag. I agree that the design is unique..I have to give Prada props for that. The materials are really nice…the leather buttery and beautiful. I guess it just looks messy, unsophisticated…like you have your bag open and your cosmetic case is showing.

  • Elisha Pritchard

    It actually reminds me a lot of the Dolce & Gabanna Lily Bag from a few years back

    • louise miller

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  • SC

    I have a friend who works at one of the Prada shop-in-shops at a luxury department store. I’ve been told several times that the Inside Bag is not selling. The timing of this article seems like a desperate sales play. Sorry! But it’s true.

    It is a fun design, but I think it’s overall flawed by the sizing and prices. Prada Women are independents —they work and they are often mothers, too— and this bag does NOT work for the Prada Woman. Not only is the large too small, but the asking price is stupid. Their numbers are down as a company, and if they really wanted to ignite the market with this bag then they should have been more competitive.

    • Sparky

      Something functional with easy accesses the way to go.
      Make it fussy and I won’t consider it. This is fussy.

    • Cello82

      I have enquired at several stores in different venues. You are right about the soft calf version but you are wrong about the ostrich leather version. Those who know snap it up very quickly. It seems Prada is adapting to make items more exclusive. Perhaps soon you won’t even be able to get your hands on the soft calf version.

      • Amazona

        There are always people who just want what others can’t have, no matter how silly or ugly. Remember, people buy those ridiculous Moschino bags as well.
        I’m not a fan of ostrich, fussy/impractical designs nor the Inside Bag so it’s a triple turnoff. The leather and color on the green one look lush, I’d like those on another design.

      • soph

        but those moschino bags are much cheaper….this bag is stupid. it should be half that price, maybe not the ostrich ones but the normal leather ones definitely

  • Passerine

    I’m glad you like your bag (we should all love the bags we buy!), but I still don’t find it attractive and have no interest in owning one, no matter how luscious the leathers and how attractive the colors. And despite all the promotion and hype, I don’t think it’s selling well. We were in Milan just before the start of Fashion Week. I checked out the bag in the Prada store. Up close, it still looks like someone unzipped a perfectly nice bag, stuffed a Dopp kit inside and then left the bag unzipped. It looks sloppy. At Prada, I saw shoppers examining it, but then shaking their heads and moving on.

    Despite all the fashionistas in town, I didn’t see anyone actually carrying the bag, even at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out party we were invited to. I give Prada credit for trying to be different, but IMO, it’s a bag that should never have left the drawing board.

  • Stina Sias

    The contrast is really cool

  • TexasST

    The soft leather and color combinations they have put together make it tempting but I just can’t justify the price. If I had endless funds I might consider one.

  • W S M

    The front reminds me of the leather Cinema bag by Vuitton. But, I think my main issue is with the leather. It looks too soft for this shape. The Inside Out in croc or ostrich is tdf!

  • Sara

    Have you
    ever seen a bag which you thought was absolutely hideous but later fell in love
    with it rather obsessively? For me this bag falls in that category. I felt the
    same with Balenciaga City bag and Alexander Wang Rocco & Rockie. Now I own
    a Rockie and am in love. At first glance this bag is awful but the more I look
    at it the more I want to play with it. If history is anything to go by, as soon
    as this bag is seen carried by a handful of celebrities the sales with sky
    rocket. The price is ludicrous as are all Prada prices.

    • Cami

      Oh yes, I know what you mean! I couldn’t stand the Balenciaga City until Mr. Wang stepped in and refined the design (forever grateful!). The Givenchy Antigona also took me a while to love and the affair probably only started due to Rosie HW.
      This Prada, at least for now, I’m not liking! The card holder and headphones are beautiful though.

  • ElainePG

    The first ten or twenty times I saw ads for this bag I was not a fan… I couldn’t figure out how to carry it. Zipped? Unzipped? It sort of looked pregnant. But not in a good way. Where would my wallet go? What about my phone? Then I saw your (Vlad’s) photo in slide 6, and suddenly it all clicked. Of course! It’s a bag with multiple compartments… my favorite kind!

    Now that the mystery of usability is solved, I am officially in love with this bag. I adore the color combinations (especially the green with pink, not shown here, but photographed in an earlier article) and, while the price is steep, I might be able to justify it to myself if the leather is as yummy IRL as it looks in the photos. This will definitely be one to try on in the Prada boutique.

    • Cello82

      I totally agree. Women these days need quicker access to their phones and not have to DIG around for minutes searching for it and pulling embarassing things out. I sense this will be a Birkin moment when people appreciate the practicability.

      The outer zip completely covers the inner bag if desired too for those who aren’t aware!

      I noticed until recently all the exotic skin versions on the Prada U.S./Europe/Japan have sold out. They seem to have brought in more stock. Also the black/pink version sold out in Japan! They are in love with it and appreciate Miuccia’s tongue-in-cheek. But it seems the new Amiulet bag from MiuMiu is now the new hot thing.

  • FashionableLena

    I saw this in person when it first came out, and I didn’t like it. The color combinations were cool, but it still looks like your cosmetic bag is hanging out. Of course, I don’t like compartmentalized bags. Just one big opening for me.

  • Sparky

    Looks clumsy. Too expensive. Not for me.

  • lavinia

    Thanks for sharing because from a first view it did not seem to be very nice and practical, but now after you showed us it seems to be really functional. The difference of color from inside/out is clever: so many times with black bags + inside black you don’t find anything… I love Prada bags I have few but I prefer nylon for the weight.

    • That’s why I wanted to share more of it! I wasn’t sure how it would work and getting to play with it in person really helped me understand it better (and like it even more)

  • Mya Wilkes

    Hmmnnn still a No from me.

  • Sarah marry

    Beautiful bags! I just love clothes! I’m a girl who loves clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and jewelry.

  • AAA

    I am huge Prada fan, but this bag is a huge NO!

  • Jess

    I have never really been into Prada bags and this one makes no exception.

  • It’s still a no for me. I don’t like bags that do too much. Besides all the extra leather is bound to make it a heavy bag.

    • Not lying, somehow it is really light – the leather is thick but light, I like what they used

  • Katy ;P

    Looks like it really holds a lot

  • cdawgcoop

    It’s hideous. No amount that Prada pays you and others for sponsored posts is going to sell this bag. I will say the leather looks amazing!

    • This wasn’t a sponsored post, all sponsored posts are marked. This is just a bag I personally love!

  • Lori

    I recently saw these in the Prada window in Paris and even in that gorgeous city, where everything looks chic, they did not work for me. They look too wrinkly and cheap. I am sad to write this because I feel Prada deserves to have another successful bag as they put luxury handbags on the map for me. I hope they come up with some new ideas soon.

  • QueenPosh .

    I am one of the few that absolutely love this Prada Inside bag. I am so sick of Saffiano leather, that i am glad that Prada has finally focused on a bag with soft leathers and exotic skins like ostrich. I love that it is a structured bag but has buttery soft leather that slouches a little. The shape is classic and the color contrast makes it modern. .I love it, the only thing stopping me from buying it is the price, it is extremely high for this bag. I would rather buy a Celine bag for that price. However, if it ever does go on sale, i would pick it up in a heartbeat.

    • The price is hefty, you’re right! But I do love it too :)

      • soph

        i hope it will go on sale…i’d definitely get it if it was under £1000

  • Q

    Reminds me of female genitalia, which is not at all a criticism of course. Just the distinctive open shape . . .

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    • Gigi Lui

      That’s spot on (pun intended!) I saw them on display in the mega Prada store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and they had one where the inner bag is pink and outer bag was pink python….

    • Sara


  • Jerri R

    Wow I have never seen a more pleading article in Purseblog before. If I didn’t know better, I would think the author is desperate to get us to like these bags.

    • Not desperate at all – I personally love the bag and wanted to share a bit more info on it since I think there was confusion about how the inside worked. It doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, and that’s fine too :)

  • mary

    what new take? am i missing something? for the compartment, i can just put another toiletries bag inside them. Tadaa

  • mardigras

    just what we need – another zipper to fumble with

  • Mikey

    I ???????????? This bag. I don’t care if it’s not practical, I buy my handbags like a work of living art. If a bag is functional (this one actually is) that is just icing on a buttery soft leather cake

  • fp

    I played with it and I had to have , I bought the medium size 10.4″ L x 7.2″ H ( but it comes in a bigger sizes11.8″ L x 8.2″ as well as smaller size 8.6″ x 6.2″ ) I really love it , its: light , super practical , leather so soft and the colors combos are all very attractive that was the hardest part choosing which color

  • Imgoingbroke

    Terrible looking bag…ALMOST as hideous as the Givenchy Pandora. Yarghh

  • Gottabagit

    I was wondering if this you were paid to give a positive opinion. But it seems you genuinely love this bag. If that’s the case, then I’m happy for you. I’ve seen it in real life and I don’t get it. Although I’m happy to see something different from the Prada Saffiano leather.

  • Sparkletastic

    I love Prada and I am so excited that they are trying different shapes and doing more non saffiano (though I LOVE my saffy bags).

    BUT this is a huge fail. I hate this bag. It’s a frumpy satchel with a Dopp kit inside. No amount of exotics leathers or pretty colors can save this horribly ill conceived bag.

    Just NO!

  • novinaa

    It’s a bit of a love hate bag. I love the shape, I love that it’s a nice solution to the annoying middle zipper compartment in some other bags. I always hate bags that have that middle pocket that serves no purpose. They either shrink the bag and reduce the amount of things you can fit in if the middle zipper compartment is sewn into the lining, or they aren’t very useful full stop if they’re removeable. I think this bag has a nice practicality about it but I hear the quality from Prada has constantly been dropping year to year. Other than that, I like it.

  • Vicky

    I really really like this bag since I saw it the first time and still want to buy one, but I can’t justify the price. Just too much for me now. :(

  • soph

    i adore this bag, the colours it comes in are amazing too. however it is double the price it should be, i get why people don’t like it (very specific taste) i love slouchy bags in cute pastel colours but i think most people prefer stiffer bags

  • klynneann

    I loved this bag when I first saw and I still love it! The leather is sooo soft! I would LOVE to get one in the ostrich combo but my budget won’t allow… :( If I had any criticism at all is that some of the color combos just really don’t speak to me. I do really like your grey/mint one though, Megs!!

  • I fell in love with Prada ever since the day I got my tessuto gaufre tote back in 2008. I love Prada and admire Muccia’s creativity, but I think it’s time they get a designer who will infuse a new perspective in their aesthetic.

    I had high hopes for this Inside bag. I almost like it but there’s something that’s keeping me from loving it. It might be the rolled handles. I think I want to see this with some kind of chain/leather straps variation. I’m also not feeling the style of the Prada logo that was used.

    I wish you could also share photos of you carrying this bag, Megs.:)

  • Haley

    It looks outdated already :/