I’ve been eying adding a new Prada bag to my collection since I fell in love with the Saffiano Cuir Double bag this time last year. Like many brands of its stature, Prada has a solid set of bags that are not just recognizable; they’re also classics. Along with the Cuir Double is the highly coveted Galleria Bag, which is not just identifiable but also classic for the brand. Prada offers a plethora of colors and sizes in the Galleria, and the Saffiano leather is durable and beautiful.

Prada Double Zip Bag with Pink Tulips (2)

With the most beautiful hues of the rainbow used on the Galleria bags, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I saw the Pink Tulip Motif and instantly fell for it. Prada has released some of the best prints over the years, and this modern motif is no different; it lures you in immediately without the literalness of many florals. I love the twist on this bag, and the coloring is simply pretty.

Prada Double Zip Bag with Pink Tulips (3)

We took this bag out and around Miami, which was the ideal backdrop for the pink and green tulip pattern. The deep green along with light green will look nice in the warm spring and summer light, and the pink popping through gives an extra layer of visual interest. If your spring plans take you somewhere warm, this bag is extraordinary.

Prada Double Zip Bag with Pink Tulips (4)

The bag itself is truly a great everyday bag. The structure means you have two zip compartments that flank the center compartment. That makes it ideal for daily wear, and the Galleria has no issue with practicality. Many designers have tried to emulate this bag for their brands, but every time I see it, I know there was design inspiration from Prada.

While incredibly resilient, the leather is lightweight. The size of this bag is small but even with that being said it fit plenty. I love the double zip compartments on either side and the open middle. Because of the practicality of the bag, you can fit tons of items without having the bag look stuffed.

Buy this bag via Prada.com for $2,550 or shop more Prada bags via Bergdorf Goodman.

Prada Double Zip Bag with Pink Tulips (5)

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  • Katrina

    Would have loved to hear how functional you found the bag. Was it lightweight? What can be fitted in it? It looks sublime! Does it come in any other prints? I purchase mainly online and I love to hear from purseblog about the bag being put to the test:)

    • I added a bit more text to help give you a better idea of your questions – but want to answer here as well. The bag is light considering that it is leather and because of how the compartments are set up it is a very usable design. There are a couple other colors of this print but this was my favorite option (the pink/green combo).

      I love this bag and will def have more reviews of Prada bags for you all soon!

      • Katrina

        Thanks! I love the Prada saffiano tote but hadn’t pulled the trigger because the monochrome version is blah and becoming too common. This is just so unique and timeless. I am seriously tempted:)

      • It’s really beautiful in person and since I love letting my bag be the item that stands out, this one NAILS it!

  • Sarah

    This bag is gorgeous! Love the pics, now I want a Prada bag!!

  • This print is breathtaking! It stands out but somehow it’s not too much for everyday wear.

    • It’s the color combo – greens can be a good neutral and then there’s that hint of pink that just looks so nice.

      • for the first time in a while, Prada nailed it!

  • Maice

    I’d be interested to know how it holds up over time (I’ve seen threads about some saffiano bags’ quality issues). It would be great if there could be a follow-up post in a few months or something to update us on how it’s holding up :)

    Prada can make interesting prints for sure (I own 2 Fairy bags, and I love them both). This is an interesting print, somewhat refreshing. I’m hoping this bag serves you well.

    • The Fairy is the one that got away for me – can’t believe you own two! How are those holding up?

      I’ve seen that thread on the forum, but I haven’t owned a Prada Saffiano long enough to comment

      • Maice

        My Fairy bags are both in pretty great condition considering their age, though the white one (Prugna) is showing signs of wear more than the dusky pink one (Cipria). I suppose that’s to be expected of white bags in general? :)

        I own a Prada saffiano double zip tote in Ottanio (teal) and mine has held up pretty well (owned it for over a year now), though it admittedly doesn’t get that much use (I tend to rotate bags regularly). So, my experience with saffiano has been good, thankfully. :)

        Attaching a pic of my 2 Fairy bags and of my saffiano double-digit tote. :)

      • Maice

        Spell check does me in again… I meant double-zip :p

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      • Sparkletastic

        That teal Prada is making me DROOL! I have to have one!!

      • Maice

        Thank you :) Yes, it was really the color which drew me to it :)

      • Vicky

        Oh… I’m drooling over your fairies! It’s the one that got away from me, too. They’re so pretty!

  • Ugh this is stunning. I have it in Argilla grey, and it’s my favourite bag.

  • anon

    Wow! So is this the bag you got for Miami instead of the Fendi choices? It’s soooo pretty!!!:D I am honestly confused though, is the Galleria just a smaller double zip tote or what? I’ve never heard of Galleria before, just Double Zip Totes in small or something.

    • I didn’t buy this one – Prada sent it to us to photograph but I didn’t keep it. Still figuring out which bag I want and still leaning towards Fendi!

  • Rashmi

    I have the Double bag in saffiano cameo color and I absolutely love it! This is also a very pretty and unique color print. I can see it going well with so many different colored outfits. Pink, black, different shades of green, red, blue and a lot of other solid colored outfits.

  • Newyorking

    I used to love Prada and bought the Double Bag as my first designer bag. However, I have been very disappointed with their collection. Look at Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Celine, and Chloe. They all come out with innovative designs. Prada? Nothing. Prada completely missed the mark with its last collection, I don’t even know what the company was thinking. I regret buying my Prada bag, I should have gone with Gucci or Fendi. Prada is just recycling the same old bags over and over in different print and designs. I liked two of their wallets a lot, they were display items and could not be purchased/found elsewhere, and were a bit damaged from being on display. I don’t get why they can’t make such good designs anymore.

  • lavinia

    It’s really art nouveau style but you know it’s too much. I mean it should be -maybe a central theme on this bag but all over it ruins the effect. I would not buy a bag like this. Too difficult to match.

  • Sparkletastic

    I don’t know if I like it or loathe it. But, I’m thinking I like it. LOL!

    That being said, I reeeeeaaallly want PRADA to shake things up a bit. I love the brand. I have several of their bags. But I’d love to see more innovation – not just in prints & patterns but in design. They need their version of the Chanel Boy Bag. A design that stays true to the brand but still manages to reinvigorate it and give it a modern edge.

    • Maice

      Excellent point. I absolutely agree. I love Prada too. Most of my Prada bags are older models, with interesting and diverse designs, prints, and materials. It seems that lately the focus has just been on their saffiano offerings. I own a saffiano tote too, but how many saffiano totes does one need? :p I’d love them to show – yes – more innovation, and come up with something to invigorate the brand. Some freshness, some daring. :)

      • Guest

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  • Imgoingbroke

    It’s beautiful. Classic and current at the same time. I would wear the heck out of this bag. I’m pretty sure I will own it at some point down the road!
    p.s. the photographs are perfect too.

    • Guest

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    • Yes, I love the pics Vlad took! Glad you did as well :)

      • Vicky

        Vlad take the best photo of bags I’ve ever seen. He definitely has eyes for objects to make it look best and even stunning. I even think brands should hire him for their campaigns.

  • maria handoko

    How about blue, red, and orange combination???

  • Jacquie Storch

    Just saw online the purple, pink, and gold, I think. Beautiful!

  • Wesley Thomas

    Prada Blue Tote
    A compact-sized shoulder bag but offering good storage space and lots of pockets